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  2. Heidi - I passed the PACE in Sept of 2018. I have attended the EA Summit in both 2018 and 2019. I think that qualifies for enough CE hours for re certification but I don't know what website to go to check. How do I get credit for attending the EA Summit both years? I am very confused and could use some guidance. Thanks!
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  4. Kelly, I am very sorry that this message went unread for so long. I would love to chat over email, and maybe even a quick call, if you would like to discuss this further. Please feel free to reach out! Jacque McCumber (JMcCumber@Nektar.com)
  5. I'm currently working on taking the test!
  6. I use the Google Suite. I particularly like the Forms feature, where you can create online surveys and forms. It creates a hyperlink to include in your email notification for the person to click to complete the survey. Surveys can be used for registration forms, information gathering, input, etc. It is similar to SurveyMonkey, but it it is free and has great features! Google Forms can also be used to create online quizzes if you are an educator and need to so so.
  7. Hello Fellow Office Professionals: Many of you enjoyed my last initial list of Shortcuts and Tips for Word; therefore, below are some additional ones I find useful. Check them out, and let me know what you think! Inserting Serial Numbers in a Table for Automatic Numbering: Select the column in which you wish to put the serial numbers. Make sure entire column is highlighted vertically. Click the numbered list bullet on Ribbon to quickly fill the serial numbers in that column. Bulleted List: Key * and Spacebar to quickly create a bulleted list. This saves time since you will not have to get the mouse to select from Ribbon. To Repeat Heading of Table on Second and Following Page(s): Create table with headings. Select Table Toolbar. Select Layout Tab. On right, select Repeat Header Rows. Comments: To add “Comments” to document, click on the Review Menu. Click on “New Comment”. To edit when finished, hit the Esc Key. Delete Word at a Time: CTRL + Backspace Deletes word to the left of the cursor. Keep hitting until all desired text is deleted. Insert File Name in Footer or Header: Insert File Name Under Header & Footer Tools on the Design tab, in the Insert group, click Quick Parts. Click Field. Click FileName (select the format you wish). Page Orientation Switching From Portrait to Landscape Within Document: Page Layout—Portrait Insert a Break—Next Page Page Layout—Landscape Insert a Break—Next Page Page Layout—Portrait Screen Clipping: Open document; open Browser or Application. In Word, click on Insert, then select Screenshot. Select text or item to capture. The selected text/item/picture will then be imported into Word document. Roger Fulk - roger.fulk@wright.edu
  8. Welcome to the Echo effect where we meaning I specialize in the needs of others. Uplifting and feeling better about yourself is what matters.
  9. Hello, How can i find you on LinkedIn? I think this information would be very beneficial to me and the current position I am in.
  10. Finishing up class and taking test before March EA Ignite event. ;-)
  11. I will be taking my test over the holiday break!!!
  12. Planning on beginning January 2020
  13. I know every EA is different, so much depends on the business, the boss, the personality and so. My boss is finally getting to the point where he is ready to have me do more for him. This is more about how I can help him, what can I do to give him back time in his day. If you support a President or CEO. Would you be willing to share what types of tasks you do. Other than the generic everything . I'd like to make a recommendation on what I can offer or atleast something that is worth trying to see if it fits. Here are some ideas. Do you read and respond to emails on behalf of your boss. I currently do not, but I have access We already share a calendar and that is very helpful How do you take notes from meetings and track them for reference and action items. I currently use my task list in Outlook. For him, he would like me to scan the notes he gives me and put them into a one note , notebook that we could share. Not sure what that looks like. I use One Note for my personal notes, but not sure how that would work with sharing and task items. I'm checking out training options. Thank you for anyone who has suggestions
  14. My boss has requested that I learn more about One Note and the options it offers so that we can share a notebook and help organize follow ups and notes from meetings. If anyone can offer trainings that you may have found helpful. I use Microsoft Office 365. I use the desktop option and also have access to webversion.
  15. We are looking to book a guest speaker for our upcoming sales meeting. We'd like them to do a safety talk for a couple hours or half day. I've never booked a guest speaker for our events so I'm looking to this forum for some advice! What should I know when booking a speaker? What is a good rate for a guest speaker? Is there anything special I should have onsite for them? What should I expect of them? Thanks for any advice and direction on this!
  16. Hi Everyone! Very excited to have this forum and to share experiences and opportunities with everyone!
  17. Hello, ASAP Members, Some corporations require Administrative Assistants and Executive Assistants to complete different forms of memory and puzzle testing games. For example, remembering were dots are placed within less than 15 second time frame, completing puzzles and returning to select where the dots were placed (and completing this cycle). A majority of the puzzles are simple, except there are couple I had not seen beforehand. Also, there is the time frame constraint. The descriptions to complete the tasks did not make sense immediately with the brief sample. The testing changes every year to several years. Based on tests, the applicant cannot apply and take the tests for another year. It's awful. Could ASAP provide test practices online? Providing the solution to the test and memory games after submitting the answers so the participant can see what was done right or wrong. This allows ASAP Members to practice and learn from these types of testing forums. I have been searching on-line for practice sessions on-line. It's limited. Thank you for your time. Looking forward to hearing from people.
  18. Depending on the complexity, Microsoft Excel is sufficient. There are some free templates available through the American Society for Quality (ASQ) as well. Full time project managers will use Microsoft Project or Wrike typically--there are loads of platforms out there, these latter two are probably the most 'seasoned.'
  19. Tonya Cradd


    Hello from Connecticut. I am new to the Administrative Associate world; coming from the clinical side of it. Joined the ASAP to gain knowledge and to strengthen my skills. There is long-term employment and growth in my current position, which I believe ASAP can provide the necessary training needed.
  20. Hello! I am newer to the role of Office Administrator and Executive Assistant to the President. He recently told me I should start considering how I add value to the company and start thinking through what makes me irreplaceable. I am not sure if this was an encouragement, or a passive way to tell me I'm not doing a good job (I feel I am doing a good job, but I am new so I may be missing things). I am looking for ways to improve myself in my role, but also looking for ideas to go above and beyond at my company and really make myself irreplaceable here. I passed my PACE exam several months ago, but felt it didn't necessarily add value to my role. I am looking for tips and tricks as well as someone to come along side of me and open my eyes to this world of admin and assisting. Anything will be helpful! Thanks for your help! Kelly H.
  21. Hi Everyone! I'm planning a week long corporate meeting and would like to offer chair massages to our attendees by the onsite spa personnel. Have any of you offered this during your meetings? How did it go? How long did you offer per person? How many masseuse personnel did you make available? Did you offer this on breaks? Or before/after the meeting session? Was there a sign up in advance? Or was it impromptu? Are there any other tips you have on keeping the energy level up during our meetings? Looking forward to your comments!
  22. easttxgirl1

    Meeting Minutes

    Joanne, I have worked in a large hospital laboratory for 19 yrs, and attend (as an active participant) various interdisciplinary meetings. I agree with Janice811's statement - typically every word is not expected to be documented; however, this varies by department and type of meeting being held. Being new to the medical field, the best way to become familiar with terminology and topic is to record and transcribe those meeting notes. Also, as Marion stated, reach out if you are unclear about your non-recorded notes - the meeting attendees and facilitators will appreciate you being concise/accurate over "guessing". Good luck!
  23. How can I start PACE Certification Programmes and books to read?
  24. I try to remember the skills that I have and that make me marketable if the worst thing happens. However, I've been in the government for over 20 years and survived two MAJOR shutdowns I just try and stay positive and prove why they need me to stay.
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