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  2. Hello, Thank you for reading this post. If you have a suggestion on this topic, it will be most appreciated. What is the most popular, present-time binding option for hard copies of presentations to be distributed to a Board of Directors? Here is some background information relating to this question: One of my team members will soon be making a presentation to a Board of Directors. In addition to his A/V presentation, he will also be handing out bound versions of the presentation. He believes comb or spiral binding would work best, whereas I believe an appropriately-sized heavy duty binder with a clear view cover and spine would work best. The binder would stand up on its own on a bookshelf, and one would easily be able to read the binder contents by noting the title showing through the clear view spine. Numerous scanned photographs will be part of the presentation, in addition to descriptive text. Thank you, again. Barbara
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  4. Hi Lindsay@Core, After you register for PACE you'll be sent study materials - 4 modules. I suggest printing them off - much easier to read, highlight and take notes. You will get a practice quiz for each module after registering - they will come with the study materials - very realistic to the actual questions. You have a year to study and pass, including up to three chances. Good luck to you!!
  5. Hello from Paris, France!
  6. Hello from Albuquerque!
  7. I am new here and wondered where you found study materials or what study materials you used? Are there sample tests to see where you are at before taking the real test? Thanks!
  8. Hi Joanne, Thank you for this information! Can you tell me more about how to join All Things Admin so I can watch that webinar? I clicked link and it sends me to a log in page. Thank you! Lindsay
  9. Hello from Tampa, Florida!
  10. Good Morning, I am new to ASAP and I am currently studying to get my PACE Certification. Does anybody have and advise or tips for me??
  11. Due to layoffs in our company, I recently was moved to cover the job of 2 Admins. Very different requests in this new position. My goal is to set up something that I can manage all requests & send notification to the requestee once I have completed what they needed I want to minimize emails & just get the info from them, have something I can hold all info (catering info, vendor receipts etc) and then just let them know when it's done. Is this something someone can guide me on? The requests from this team vary so much. I just want one system. I really appreciate any help. Thank you! M
  12. Hello and Happy Monday Everyone from New Orleans!!!!
  13. We are a regional commission with 28 Commissioners. We currently prepare 3-ring binders with dividers for our meeting document package. Some of our Commissioners will take some documents, some take all, and some take everything including the dividers - leaving us the binders. We are looking at ways to be cost-effective and provide the Commissioners with document packages they would feel encouraged to take home after meetings (for those who attend in person). We are not opposed to providing new binders and all inserts on a meeting-by-meeting basis (which is roughly quarterly) but I wonder if anyone else has a more creative and efficient process. Thanks in advance!
  14. Happy Friday Everyone From Union City, GA. I just joined a little over a week. I'm looking forward to meeting new friends and sharing new innovations.
  15. I have been studying since February, off and on. I tested for the first time earlier in the month to get a feel for the test and see where I stood, not quite passing. I took it again yesterday and was so close - 3 questions away from passing! I spent an hour skimming the material again, adding to my notes and took it my third time - yes twice in one day. I felt really good about it, clicking through without needing my notes for a lot of it. When I hit submit with a minute left, there was a technology hiccup or something and it spun and spun so I said a lil prayer & clicked it again, it said 85% and then guess what!! Another window popped up and said I was out of time! Oh the disappointment! Ach! I messaged ASAP last night and explained what happened. Also, guess what!! ... ...This morning I got an email and as it turns out ....I PASSED!! Not an easy test, but if you study, take good notes you can do it! 2 tips for those working to take the certification: note the names behind the management approaches - who they were and what their approach was 😉 I had a lot of those questions. I found that some questions are very relevant to my day to day but some not so much - pay attention to all of the material regardless if you think it applies to your day to day or not. Good luck!
  16. Hi Jackie, It's very nice to hear from you. My name is Dr. Md Mazharul Islam and I am the Executive Director of Operations from American Academy of Finance and Management , AAFM Bangladesh and American University of Finance and Management (AUFM). I am looking for learning partner to offer their academic programs in AUFM as a authorize Learning Partner. Please feel free to contact me. I will be happy to discuss further regarding this proposal. Looking forward for a positive response. Sincerely, Dr. Md Mazharul Islam, MBA(Oxford),MPhil (CBS),PhD(GWU) PMP,CIPM,MPM,CORM,FAAFM,MCSE,MCT,CFP,CFA American University of Finance and Management (AUFM) Bangladesh. Cell: +8801890309939,+8801885511670 Email: aafm.bangladesh@gmail.com
  17. Hi Everyone! My name is Jackie and I am the Assistant to the Dean of the Bryan School at UNC Greensboro. I'm new to ASAP but I am so happy I found this thread!
  18. If you are a person received ACBSP accredited degree , you may be qualified for one of our professional qualifications. For more information you can contact our certification department by: aafm.bangladesh@gmail.com
  19. Hi, My Name is Dr. Md Mazharul Islam and I am the Chief Operation Officer of American Academy of Finance and Management, AAFM Bangladesh . We offer professional qualifications to qualified professionals in different subjects and levels.
  20. I'll be signing up today! Woohoo - I'm very excited!
  21. After seven years with my current boss, I can't say we have a 'norm.' We frequently communicated in the office. He is an encourager and does not hesitate to share feedback, which is excellent. However, working from home, email communication has increased but has been primarily about the work itself. The personal interaction varies and occurs at staff meetings or when he has a specific assignment where verbal communication is necessary. With our recent conversion to Teams, I utilize the components to communicate, especially the video component. I do manage his calendar, even though he is very independent. Therefore, I schedule myself on his calendar to ensure our interaction remains constant. Items are work-related, personal development, performance goals, and status, etc. I find adding things to his calendar a beneficial tool. Sometimes it is essential to take the initiative and put questions on the table. Believe it or not, we do quite a bit of text messaging.🙂
  22. MariAlexander, That is a good suggestion. I have no norm established with my boss. In fact, I don't even have access to her calendar, even though I have asked for it a few times. She is well aware of the work that I do because most of it is requested by her directly or indirectly because someone on the team asked if we were able to get something sent out to the students we serve and I am typically the one who makes that happen. Perhaps the question I posed is really about seeing what ways being are doing their check-ins. Since I just made six months of working in my position, I think it would be a good time to see where I stand in her eyes, though she does give feedback and kudos sometimes.
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