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  2. HI Msawyer, Depending on what you're looking for, your local "Fastsigns" or other sign vendors could help with this, especially if you need floor signs or anything more industrial. Or you can make your own signs and laminate/frame them, which is more cost effective. (which is what we've done in our smaller office locations) Take care!
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  4. One of my new favorites: CTRL & L in Powerpoint will give you a RED DOT instead of a white mouse arrow. Like a play-with-the-cat laser light. It only works in Powerpoint (yes, I've tried), but with WFH, and everything on PPT now, this is a fabulous tool. Easy toggle. CTRL + L to turn on and CTRL + L to turn off. Credit goes to Vickie Sokol Evans. She told us about this one back in April or May, I think.
  5. Hello! I am also interested in onboarding strategies, manuals, templates others are using. I have recently taken a management role and we have no standard process to our onboarding currently so I'm anxious to implement this for our office. What do you cover in the first week of onboarding? What do you prioritize in your training structure? Looking forward to learning more to what you all are doing! Thank you!
  6. Hi, in Australia we obtained the various signs from the Government's Safe Work Department or Department of Health. They had sign template specifically for Cafes or Offices and others environments. You might have something similar in your country that are already available too?🙂
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  8. Hello! Although I'm personally not back in the office our company does have staff there and basically it's completely different with respect to changes made for social distancing. All employees were mailed reusable face masks that are required once we do officially "return" to the office. Large conference rooms have been closed and others, limited to half the size. For the common/kitchen areas, since ours were pretty large, as of now there have been no real change outside of social distancing signs since the majority of the staff is still working remotely. There are capacity signs for the elevators, temperature checks at entry points and our large outdoor area now has a limited capacity as well with some of the seating removed so that social distancing is followed. It will definitely be interesting to see what happens during holiday time since we usually have events. Will they be canceled or will they try to make them virtual? I think that might be really hard to pull off.
  9. Waldorf, Maryland here! (our offices are in DC, but who knows when I'll see it again🤷‍♀️) Greetings!
  10. We just had our 3-month anniversary for our new internal admin group (YAY), launched at the start of the pandemic. Our business launched office 365 less than a year ago so there are a lot of growing pains when it comes to using Teams and SharePoint as a means to exchange information. However, I too feel that there is not only resistance to learning this new platform but that it somehow gets in the way of their day to day activities, which is really confusing to me. It is my opinion that as Admins, we need to be the pros at this stuff so there should be a willingness to learn at a faster pace and not wait for the training train to come in. Be proactive vs reactive should be the approach. What strategies have you implemented or considered to tackle resistance?
  11. Hi! We are doing about the same. Did you make your own social distancing signs or use a vendor? I am researching that next week. It makes me wonder how grocery stores got those social distancing signs so quickly.
  12. I am not back in the office yet, as PA just went back to mandatory telecommuting for non-essential employees. But we do have policies in place. Temp screenings and Covid questions at entrance. Chairs taken out of conference rooms to maintain social distancing. So a room that normally hold 12 would only have four chairs. Otherwise must use MS Teams. Masks required. Lots of signage such as "One person allowed in coffee room at a time". Stairway and hallway doors left open if possible. Staggered start times. Our cleaning contractor is doing the disinfecting. Even when we were to go back, our CEO wanted it to be "purpose driven". Hope that's helpful.
  13. Hello, we are going back in the office on August 3rd and we have already participated in preparedness lectures. We are expected to clean/disinfect our area and all areas within our office that are highly touched such as door handles, railings etc.
  14. Good afternoon! I am the Executive Administrative Assistant to the Dean of the College of Public Health at the University of South Florida! As you can guess, my boss and our faculty have been very busy of late with all the COVID issues going on. Our University is completely work from home for now. Hoping to welcome students back for fall semester at the end of August! Be well everyone!
  15. Good morning. I work for a state university in Florida. We are planning on having students return in the fall. Some classes will be in-person if the room is large enough for social distancing. These classes will also be live-streamed for those who can't fit in the classroom. We also offer many of our classes on-line already so those will continue. We will also end the semester at Thanksgiving break and have final exams on-line. We have been doing all on-line classes since March after spring break. We do have summer semesters as well. All faculty and staff are working from home except essential facilities folks. We will have a face cover mandate as well as random testing when we return to campus (not everyone is expected to return to the office in the fall). Although with the cases rising in Florida, most things are up in the air right now.
  16. We are open but very limited. Support staff is still working remote. We still have virtual meetings, nothing face to face.
  17. Hello, I passed the exam in 2018. It wasn't open book as I was timed. As far as credit for the EA Summits, I'd go into your account and enter them in there under other CEU's.
  18. Hello everyone 😄 My name is Therese and I just recently moved to Nevada (Vegas area) the day before the state shut down due to COVID-19. Was not fun living in a hotel for 9 days until the moving truck arrived. I'm originally from Minnesota, but for the past two years have been living in Michigan. I work for a large furniture manufacturer. This past February my husband was offered a new job opportunity in Nevada so I gave my notice...but my employer came back with the option to work remotely. I jumped at the chance! Little did I know that a month later, EVERYONE would be working remotely. My employer is slowly bringing people back to the office, but i'm happy to be in my home office!
  19. I think ideally, if you have conference rooms where people can be 6 feet apart, those would probably need to be cleaned by admin. You could make a suggestion that small conference rooms are closed.
  20. Yup that was my fear! I believe our Execs will prefer to take meetings online, even when they're back in the office. We would have to truly monitor all conference rooms to disinfect after each meeting.. I can picture that as a full time job in itself!
  21. Our plan is similar with students starting in early September and not returning to campus after Thanksgiving. Everyone on campus will be required to wear a mask even when outside. Half of classes are now online and the other half in person. Administration is still working on locations for in person classes and if space is not available the class will be moved to online. A lot to figure out before students arrive. Numerous committees on campus addressing various issues. Of course, all of this could change with second wave.
  22. We're planning on students coming back and Faculty doing a hybrid of classes. If the space is too small to socially distance, Faculty are supposed to split the class into 2 groups and schedule half for in class, and the other half joining in via video. And switching it for the next class. Faculty aren't thrilled with the plan, but it's what we're doing. We've cancelled Fall Break, Classes run until the Thanksgiving Break, then Reading Day and Exams are online. Students don't come back until the Spring Semester begins. Hopefully with no student travel between August and November, it will cut down on any possible exposure that they could bring back to campus.
  23. Execs are back, and I'm already running into issues in trying to find space for meeting that need to happen face to face. The normal meeting spaces are to small to socially distance, a meeting of 5 people now need a space for 20. And we don't have enough of those. And I think I'm going to be the one wiping down tables afterwards.
  24. I'm drafting a modified job description for EAs/Admins for my company. I think a lot of in-person meetings and heavy coordination will be eliminated. And constantly chasing down execs for meetings since we will be all using Teams/Zoom. I'm wondering if we should model our list to more of a Virtual Assistant model. Any thoughts on what tasks we would be eliminating as we re-imagine the new "normal" post COVID environment?
  25. LCraden, Nothing has happened yet, but we are reducing the offerings we have. Nothing communal.
  26. Hi Monica. Yes, we are still not back. When we go it is probably going to be limited staff.
  27. I'm curious as well. We are not back in the office but working on our company's plan now. Was wondering how the logistics will work for meetings, etc. and if EAs/Admins will be expected to be the "cleaning/disinfecting" crew for conference rooms.
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