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  2. I have worked a few years in corporate, and educational. The educational has a fourth component (trainee/student) when corporations did away with on the job training programs that leveled the field so, everyone started with the same understandings it limited the role of trainee. So conceptual is ideas, in technical work there is still an element of training, which is people based and based on a company handbook. The educational world relies on students and unless the certification is in place you are limited.
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  4. Hello fellow members! My company , Curated People hosts elevated virtual events such as wine tastings, master led DIY charcuterie board class for team building or client appreciation, live and intimate performances by Broadway stars with a Q & A portion and much more. Feel free to reach out to learn more, any upcoming event needs or collab inquiries! I'm happy to explore event ideas that would best suit your needs. Victoria@curatedpeople.com www.curatedpeople.com Look forward to connecting with you all! Kindly, Victoria
  5. Hi Cindy, I just joined otherwise I would have replied to this earlier! My company plans elevated virtual events and would be happy to assist you with any future event needs. We are even hosting a DIY pinterest worthy charcuterie and wine tasting event today for national Administrative Professionals Day with a company that pushed the event back a bit! Feel free to email me anytime at Victoria@curatedpeople.com and check us out www.curatedpeople.com -Victoria
  6. Hello, Jones from Zambia
  7. Blessing from New York -Capitol Region.
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    Hi from winston sale
  9. I am just returning to the work place from retirement and look forward to the in-person interaction. There are several changes with the emphasis and wearing a face covering throughout the day. This takes away from reading people's facial expressions which are always helpful during interaction.
  10. If this were me, I would read and re-read the job description or posting to try to identify items the manager was planning to have the (AP) Administrative Professional complete for him once a selection has been made. Because it is a "newly created position" I would get more in depth about the manager's specific expectations. Be clear going into this position (remember you are interviewing them, just like they are interviewing you). You want to make sure this is going to be a good long term fit. I would ask questions like: 1. Does the manager have enough work to to keep the AP
  11. Good morning everyone! I am excited to be here and start working towards securing my PACE certification. Who here already has their certification done? Any tips or pointers to help the new kid on the block? I appreciate all your positive feedback in advance. Have a great week! Anissa Buiskool, CMP, CGMP, CTA, GMS
  12. Hi guys, I am from Brazil. Want to know how things works in here ? I’d love to exchange info with you guys...
  13. Hello fellow Admins, In a couple of weeks, I will be interviewing for a newly created position. What I know from the first round of interviews is that the gentleman in question has never had an Executive Assistant before. I was hoping you could share with me questions YOU would ask. How do I address things like does he know what he envisions; how hard will it be for him to let go of some of the things he used to do by himself, how he thinks a successful partnership would work, etc. If I could pick your collective brains on what to ask and the wording (some of these questions are
  14. Effective administration depends on three basic personal skills, which have been called technical, human, and conceptual only. Let's Discuss!
  15. 1) All jobs require critical thinking skills, but Executive Assistant jobs take demands to the next level. Thus, as a aspiring EA you must constantly employ critical thinking to make key decisions, communicate effectively with everyone, resolve conflicts, manage others’ emotions, and so much more. Also sign up for courses that will help anyone with a background in any career build essential critical thinking skills that will be helpful for an EA career. 2) Most executive assistant job postings prefer candidates that have at least three years of administrative experience. Experienc
  16. Effective communication enable teamwork that allows your employees to look beyond their self-interests and focus on what is best for the team. Team-building helps to break communication barriers and enables employees to find new ways of working together. When placing employees in teams, look at their skills and abilities and assign responsibilities accordingly. Improve communications by planning team activities outside of work, such as group lunches or after-work events. Invite all of your employees instead of only a select few. That's how effective my executive(s) are in communication.
  17. Is crowdsourcing a key factor in improving public administration efficiency?
  18. I have typically not managed any account for someone, but am currently managing my own farm page on Facebook and I would like advise on how to make it grow organically. Thank you.
  19. Hi there Everyone! I'm Troi. I currently work as an Admin. Assistant to a City Secretary (5+ years), and hold a second hat as the city's Marketing Specialist. I just enrolled in the PACE certification course and I'm looking forward to learning and connecting with you all. My goal is to become an Executive Assistant, so I gladly welcome any tips, advice or wisdom from Executive Assistants on this platform. Here are a few questions I have: 1) Is it possible to become an Executive Assistant starting out as an Administrative Assistant, or is it recommended that I work my way up to
  20. Hi Sami - I'm currently in Washington, DC, but am originally from Hot Springs, Arkansas! (Graduate of UCA!) I saw no one else had replied to your thread yet and wanted to let you know there's another Arkansan running around!
  21. Hello all - Greetings from Washington, DC - we're just south of Dupont Circle! Can't wait to actually get back into the office.
  22. I've been using both Momentum Dash and Sortd (for Gmail) for years. Momentum keeps frequently used links easily accessible without having to hunt for them. What I really love is the ability to open a group of tabs in Google with just one click. I call this my "Core Work Group," which is comprised of the apps I use on a daily basis. Sortd is an absolute sanity saver in sorting my Gmail in a fashion similar to Trello.
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