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  3. I'll be signing up today! Woohoo - I'm very excited!
  4. After seven years with my current boss, I can't say we have a 'norm.' We frequently communicated in the office. He is an encourager and does not hesitate to share feedback, which is excellent. However, working from home, email communication has increased but has been primarily about the work itself. The personal interaction varies and occurs at staff meetings or when he has a specific assignment where verbal communication is necessary. With our recent conversion to Teams, I utilize the components to communicate, especially the video component. I do manage his calendar, even though he is very independent. Therefore, I schedule myself on his calendar to ensure our interaction remains constant. Items are work-related, personal development, performance goals, and status, etc. I find adding things to his calendar a beneficial tool. Sometimes it is essential to take the initiative and put questions on the table. Believe it or not, we do quite a bit of text messaging.🙂
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  6. MariAlexander, That is a good suggestion. I have no norm established with my boss. In fact, I don't even have access to her calendar, even though I have asked for it a few times. She is well aware of the work that I do because most of it is requested by her directly or indirectly because someone on the team asked if we were able to get something sent out to the students we serve and I am typically the one who makes that happen. Perhaps the question I posed is really about seeing what ways being are doing their check-ins. Since I just made six months of working in my position, I think it would be a good time to see where I stand in her eyes, though she does give feedback and kudos sometimes.
  7. Hello everyone. I am an administrative/staff assistant to the Vice Provost for the Office of Institutional Diversity & Inclusion. We are small in number but serve the campus providing training on topics such as Affirmatively Hiring for Diversity, Addressing Unconscious Bias, Fostering Belonging, etc.The Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion promotes the University’s commitment to equal opportunity, affirmative action, diversity, and social justice while building a climate of inclusion on and beyond campus. I am happy to join you all in conversation that will help guide us to higher levels.
  8. Kaylon, At the beginning of the pandemic when we were all on "Stay-at-home" orders, keeping in touch with my boss was pretty difficult. He is so used to just having me outside of his door that he has never felt the need to schedule regular check-ins with me. I think at the beginning of the pandemic, it was almost 2 weeks before we had a long conversation that was not a text conversation. I just tried my best to copy him on work I was doing, not everything of course, but anything I did on a larger college level. But I think the thing that helped me the most was hosting regular meetings with staff, since we were the ones doing most of the work. I would definately let your boss know that you feel like you need a regular check-in scheduled and do it over Webex, Zoom, Teams...what ever you use.
  9. I attended the Virtual EA Summit this year and it was great! I have to give KUDOS to all the ASAP folks for their hard work switching this event from an in person event to an online Virtual event. While I did miss meeting my peers in person, ASAP did their best to have virtual networking and other events to connect. I am looking forward to Chicago in 2021 and hope that it can be in person.
  10. Thank you for the welcome, MariAlexander! What are some ways that you keep in contact/touch base with your boss? How do you build or strengthen rapport with your boss while working remotely? We are also partially online/virtual. My job is not a direct interface with students, in most cases, so I don't have the same connection with them as others on my team. It doesn't help that I haven't had the opportunity to meet most of them since I took on this position.
  11. Thank you for your response, K. Bauer. We have access to Teams, but my team almost never uses it. We usually opt for video chats over Webex and otherwise use text messaging or regular voice calls. I am not sure why we haven't taken full advantage of using Teams. I most frequently use it when IT has to remote in to my computer since it is the easiest way to give them control of the screen while I am around.
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  13. Hi, there if you want to try electronic signature, then the best choice is Adobe Sign. it has some unique features and very upgraded AI to understand your needs . Adobe's customer care team is really caring about your specific needs to implement it as per your requirements. I suggest you to try Adobe Sign. you will love it. Thank you.
  14. Does anyone have some tips for building infographics in the MS Suite? I've got a general list of information and things to create. The current format is an org chart made into a checklist. I'd love to find something that is a bit more visually pleasing and cleaned up. Ideas? Suggestions? Tips?
  15. I would like to see if I can get some input on what software people have had experience using for electronic signatures. I am evaluating Adobe Sign and DocuSign. Can anyone provide information on their experiences using either of these products? Is there another product that anyone has used that you really liked that you could recommend for me to look into? Thanks!
  16. Welcome, Kaylon. What would you like to know? I totally understand. We were really hoping Laura was not going to turn our way. We had Harvey a few years ago and it was hard enough without the pandemic. We are only partially online. We are offering in-person, online, and blended classes here at all levels.
  17. Kaylon, I can't imagine adding a natural disaster to the current situation. MSU is grad students only on campus. Most classes are virtual. We used Teams for our interactions within out unit and it works great for us. We will be converting all of our seminar to virtual this year. Lots of new stuff for us. I already do a lot of emailing so that really hasn't changed much for me. Teams allows you to call or video or chat with someone which is where I am most of the time. We are functioning well remotely but I know that is not easy for everyone. Communication is key. I hope you have someone you can go to with questions to help you learn your new position.
  18. I really like this feature as well! I get CC'd on weekly report submissions from my teammates, and having the like button is an easy way to let them know I received the message without having to reply directly. I just like and file it away in a folder. I wish it were available on the mobile app as well.
  19. Hello everyone! I am the Program Assistant/Data Analyst for a grant-funded program within the Student Services department of community college in Louisiana. I began my job the week before stay-at-home orders were put in place, and I have been working remotely for the majority of my time in the role. I would love to learn how higher up EAs perform their duties and what it is like to support a dean or chancellor. We had one week of classes before the threat, and eventual arrival, of Hurricane Laura warranted closing for an entire week. If things were not already uncertain and confusing enough for our students, then a natural disaster during a pandemic definitely did not help.
  20. @Joanne I was pretty certain I uploaded these best practices , but you're right, I do not see them anywhere. Let me do some digging and find the document to share. I am very confused as to why they are not showing. -Jacqueline
  21. I am ready to find myself back in the office on a more regular basis. Currently, my biggest struggle is virtually teaching a pre-k student while working and trying to ensure he is cognitively stimulated while I try and balance my own workload. I'm thankful for our community trying to be proactive in keeping everyone safe, but I am a little overwhelmed. I notice that it has in turn made me a much bigger advocate with Sr. Leadership for more flexibility and leniency with staff as school starts back in our area. Keep your heads up my friends!
  22. I just registered for the virtual conference. 1st time. I hope to meet a lot of people and learn a ton!
  23. Hello from New York City!
  24. Hi Jen! How awesome, you're just about done! Please keep me posted on how you do. Good luck! Thanks and stay safe! Maria
  25. Hi Maria, I'm just finishing up the modules this week and should probably do a quick skimming to refresh the previous modules. Probably will take it the last week of August.
  26. Hi Jen! I appreciate your reply and the information you provided, helpful! I haven't yet decided when to register for the certification. Yes, I would also do printed versions for same reason. Do you know when you would be taking the exam? Thanks again! Maria
  27. Hi Everyone, I'll be attending virtually! Who else will be attending the virtual conference?? Looking forward to it and meeting those who attend 🙂 Safe & Healthy Regards to all! Jen
  28. Hi Maria, I am looking forward to certification this year! After I registered for certification, a link to the modules were sent to me. In the link I was able to download PDF files of the modules. I prefer printed versions so I can highlight and make notes, but everyone has their own preference. I inserted them into a binder with tabs for each of the four modules, with a couple blank pages at the end of each module to take additional notes if needed. Take care! Jen
  29. Hello, I'm new member to ASAP and am pursuing certification. For anyone who currently certified, would you have digital copies of the modules to use as study guides for the exam? I've looked in the resources section; however, did not find anything that I could print to use for studying. I have watched the brief videos available on YouTube but looking for paper copies of any studying materials. Many thanks and welcome any guidance and/or suggestions. Regards, Maria
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