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  3. I'm looking for a study group for the PACE certification. I started modules January 2021. Please advise.
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  5. Hi everyone! I'm wondering if anyone here has experience with managing social media profiles for their executive? My boss has a Twitter account that he has me manage, and he would really like to increase his followers, etc. I purchased two of the ASAP webinars on this topic, and they were helpful, but I would love to chat with someone who has experience with this and has successfully grown their executive's social media profile. Thank you!
  6. Hello from Kalamazoo, MI! I look forward to learning and sharing!
  7. Hi Pat! I am NO expert, but wanting to learn more. Your question grabbed my attention because I was recently reviewing my copy of the Robert's Rules Concise Guide. Do you have access to RONR (11th ed.)? The concise guide makes reference to board meetings held by conference phone, and specifically the taking and verifying of votes, citing RONR (11th ed.), pp. 97-99. Maybe the wording is specified too? I hope this helps and would like to hear how you end up handling this. Thanks! Mary
  8. Hi all, Does anyone else cover a lot of duties/projects that would normally be considered Human Resources? I work for a small office, we do not have a specific Human Resources position, and being the Executive Assistant I have taken on many of the duties that do not fall under the realm of Accounting that are tied to Human Resources (job descriptions, hiring/onboarding, development, termination documentation, background checks... etc). I'm looking for good resources to better learn HR skills, policies and procedures, as well as possible certifications that I can take online that are affor
  9. Hi everyone! I am an Executive Assistant at a church in Arizona, wondering if there are any other Executive Assistants here that work for smaller scaled companies or non-profits? I'd like to start a support system for a very niche work category!
  10. I'm also interested in this. I'm wondering if it would be appropriate to have my employer pay for the certification from the start.
  11. Does anyone have a First Time Right tracking form they wouldn't mind sharing? I could create one, but figured I'd ask here first rather than re-inventing the wheel. Thanks in advance! Jen
  12. I work in a division that has 6 different departments. At the start of last fiscal year we moved from department dedicated admins to an administrative pool concept. Half were unsure and resistant, the other half supportive. One of those parties has since moved on, finding work elsewhere. The other still says a year later that she's unsure of how the pool works despite twice weekly meetings. There will always be someone not willing to join the team at the place where they are. I focus on team organization with Trello and emphasize cross-training on every task we perform, small or large.
  13. Hello from Washington, DC!
  14. Hello from Gainesville, Florida. Just joined today. Looking forward to networking.
  15. Hi Jacki, I recently completed my Associates degree at the age of 50 and it made a tremendous difference for me. I have 30 years of business and office experience but was not able to compete due to not having the degree. But I have now been able to secure a job making over $800 more a month than I was making before, putting me at the highest level I have ever been at. I recommend the degree route instead of the diploma due to more companies are asking for degrees. It shows more commitment on your part and gives you more skills to get into the work force. I would also look into
  16. Welcome, Aletha! You may have already taken your PACE certification test. If not: Something that helped me was Cram.com (https://www.cram.com/). It is a free flash card website. As I read through the PACE Study Guide, I look notes on virtual flash cards. When I finished reading the study guide, I had a complete PACE study tool. Cram generates practice quizzes, so I was able to take practice tests without using up my three PACE examination attempts. If you are still studying, good luck!
  17. Every year in April, to coincide with the recognized national Administrative Professionals Day, my company plans a conference just for those that fall into an Administrative / or Support Role. We have 179 employees that fit that criteria. We typically have this in person at a nice venue, with a nice lunch, a speaker, and some sort of educational & fun activity. This was cancelled in 2020 for obvious reasons, but I have been given the green light to plan this event for 2021, however, it has to be virtual. Any ideas you would have would be greatly appreciated. I want it to be as high
  18. Thank you JenC. I am so sorry I am just now seeing this. Still learning how to use this area.
  19. Hi All! I assist with completing payment charts and today my boss shared with me she wants me to start tracking PTO. We are small practice of mental health providers and I just thought to create Excel spreadsheet. Each provider has unique contract so PTO looks different. I just wondered from others who have this responsibility how do you keep track of this? What tips do you have for me? Thank you! Lindsay
  20. Hi Kimberly - Can you all use Google Meet? It's like Zoom but through Google. Just a thought. 😊
  21. Hi Lisa - for our board of directors, we used to print and bind everything. This was the worst! We printed and bound everything the evening before our board and committee meetings, and without fail, there would be a change in one or two of the documents. The amount of waste this created was just insane. In 2017, we moved all of our board materials to Diligent Board Books. We can build board books, administer questionnaires, and even send Unanimous Written Consents out for signature. Diligent is very secure so board documents aren't being sent to personal or work email addresses. Of course, thi
  22. Greeting from Maryland. For what I see this page is no too active.
  23. Hello, I am planning my first "Leader Summit" for my senior leader and her direct reports. During the day and a half summit, we will be having various "partners" present who will only attend the summit at their scheduled presentation time. I only want to do 1 invite for each day. I plan to copy and paste the call in information into the presenters invites. I'm thinking less confusion for presenters and clutter on the calendar. I then want to do a "playbook" if you will of times and call-in information to distribute to all attendees. Does anyone have a template they've used for something l
  24. @JoanneThank you for your suggestions. @KimberleyActually, I saw this in an email from Successories this morning and thought about our employees. I particularly like the heart shaped stress ball. https://www.successories.com/pglp/loveyourhardwork
  25. We have a civilian population of just over 80 employees. We like to do something special for them every year on Administrative Asst. day. Last year, our plans were cancelled and we had to come up with an alternative plan before the end of the budget cycle. This year, I would like to do something for them that would be welcomed. We have several who are introverts and do not like to participate in any events. Generally, I try to have a gift for each as well. I am struggling this year to think of a gift that would be appreciated and be useful. Anyone have any suggestions?
  26. I was new to the organization and all of the Administrative Staff have been here for years. I was told that I am the leader of the group. Therefore, I set up bi-monthly meetings. The first meeting was to express expectations for future meetings. Until COVID hit, it was working great. Each Admin chose a topic for the meeting and invited someone to come in and train on that topic. We all received the same training so that our processes and procedures throughout the Department would be the same. Yes, some were/are very resistant to change and absolutely refuse to make changes in their proc
  27. Did you consider electronic binders (LiveBinder)? It allows you to create tabs and add content. They can have it available on their device during the meetings and all Commissioners will have a copy, even if they were unable to make it to make it to an in person meeting.
  28. You are correct. As an Office Manager, you wear many hats. Every day is a new experience and FLEXIBILITY is key. I would be very interested in reviewing your list of best practices. Thanks,
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