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  4. I am starting to study for the PACE exam now as well. Not sure what the typical timeframe is for those that study and pass. Any input would be helpful. And congrats to those that have passed!
  5. Did the EA Summit take place already for 2020?
  6. Last week
  7. I have worked in rural offices but don't currently have a degree in Administrative Assistant. I am enrolled in college and working on earning my degree in Administrative Assistant. I am hoping this page will help me get more information under my belt for when I finish college and start applying for jobs. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you Gemini_Assistant
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  9. Hello, how can you find out what questions I didn't answer correctly? When I took the test the first time I failed. How do I know what I need to study if I can't see what questions I got wrong? Thank you in advance for any feedback.
  10. Hello from the Land of Mickey!
  11. Hello from Texas.
  12. I look forward to sharing information in the forum.
  13. I am currently finishing my degree in project management, however, while working with project managers I find they are either using Microsoft Project, Excel or simply discussing their project via Slack. But, making use of the various tools available in today's market to develop skills in project management, like LinkedIn Learning (typically requires a Premium membership however) will allow you gain viable knowledge of the basics.
  14. I just passed this past Thursday! I am officially PACE certified. 😁
  15. Good afternoon everyone, I am looking for recommendations on how to word "electronic" minutes from a vote that was taken via email. This is an approved method of communication in our bylaws but it has never been utilized. Thanks! Pat Collins
  16. Good success to all. I, too, am currently working on taking the test by February 14 (soon approaching)!
  17. For personal development (for self, first); to demonstrate/validate my 20+ years in the professional; to demonstrate continual growth and development.
  18. Hello to all. Looking forward to the exchange of information and new colleagues along the way. 😃
  19. Did you ever find an answer? I am looking to learn how to use One Note for the same reason. I sat in on a webinar last month that was helpful to show me what it can do. I have used just the basics of it for a couple of years. I don't share things yet with my exec but I believe doing this would be helpful to keeping both of us productive.
  20. I'm glad they went so well! Our company has a majority male population as well. If I ever get to the position to plan for our entire region, this might be an idea I use!
  21. I have recently had the offer to basically turn my role into whatever I want it to be - sounds great, right?! Except that...I DON'T KNOW where I want to grow, learn, do more. I should've started a PDP a long time ago. Let's face it, I'm usually the one asking others, what do you need from me, but now the company is asking - "what do YOU want?" and the tables are turned. I know I'd like to create a PDP but don't I first need to know what I want? Why is this so hard for me to define? I love my job, I love the variety of challenges, I love the people I work with. I don't know what I'd change. I don't know where to "stretch" next, but I'm being given the opportunity and I don't want to lose it...so now what?! Do these questions mean that I need a mentor? Or what other suggestions do you have? Where did you all start with creating a PDP? I will be attending APC and will be looking for areas of interest and opportunity then, but I hate to wait that long to begin.
  22. Thanks for the suggestions, Kaylyn! I'll keep this in my "recharging" notes! We had our meeting two weeks ago and the chair massages were a hit. Our meeting was 80 people, primarily males. We had two chair masseuses set up for 5-10 min massages in the morning before the meeting, during breaks, lunch and for 30 minutes after the meeting. They were a hit! Some went back more than once!
  23. Jacque, I just emailed you. Thank you for reaching out!
  24. Hi Everyone! I am just looking for some general ideas to jazz up your standard corporate lunch meetings. I look forward to hearing ideas!
  25. Hi Jen! I've never done chair massages for a corporate meeting before, but that sounds like a great idea! I think having playing some upbeat oldies would be good for keeping up energy or maybe a quick trivia game with a gift card prize.
  26. I am an EA to the CMO and CFO in a small rural hospital. I am looking for ways to improve my skills and to better serve my execs. :)
  27. I am seeking a new tool for our staff of 40 to communicate and collaborate with each other. Currently we use a wiki called PBWorks. This is too simple of a "wall". We also tried Asana and Canvas (I think). Years back I had set up SharePoint for us, but then it was never used. Any suggestions on a user-friendly, preferably inexpensive tool? Thank you.
  28. We have a library staff of 40 employees -- about 1/2 are full-time and 1/2 are part-time employees. We're open 7 days a week and therefore do not always see each other on a regular basis. I'm seeking ideas for a reward and recognition programs. We can likely get some funding from our library sponsors, but we are a public library and city department so we try to keep costs down. Only 20 employees actually have their own desk to call "home". This has limited my creativity. Ideas are greatly appreciated.
  29. Proof that I am still "in the game", continuing education, and implementing skills aligned with the times.
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