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  3. I've been using Office Otter. It allows me to create a task just by forwarding an email, sending in a text, or clicking on a Slack message. I also like it's reminders and reporting. Granted, I work at Office Otter, but we have been working specifically with Administrative Professionals to make a productivity tool specifically for them. We believe you shouldn't have to use a product/project management software to be productive. Office Otter is built around communication tools to help keep extra effort at a minimum while still bringing and tracking all your tasks in one place.
  4. We pay for a Doodle account to skip the ads.
  5. I need to schedule group meetings between members of my organization other outside (board members). I have been experimenting with a few calendar meeting poll options recently. Many people are familiar with Doodle, but I really don't like the ads (maybe I can make a case for a pro account), I really liked Meetingbird, but it was just recently retired and moved to Front, which I don't want to get into. Does anyone have advice on another meeting scheduling poll option I can use? Thanks from Minnesota!
  6. I am working towards it. Started today with practice test. it says I failed but not sure what my score was or what I need to study.
  7. where can i find the score from my practice test. it says i failed but would like to know more
  8. Today is a PACE study day for me as I start Module 2 on Task and Project Management. This is the module I look forward to learning from the most!
  9. Considering returning to school. I have been out of the workforce for quite sometime. Before that I was an administrative assistant and an office manager. I have been doing some research about correspondence schools that offer an associates degree or career diplomas as an administrative assistant. Also looking into the virtual assistant programs. Can anyone offer any insight? I have considered Penn Forster or Ashworth College however, I am open to others. Any advice would be appreciated.
  10. Working with a team to meet set objectives and goals for the growth of organizational development.
  11. Working with a team to meet set objectives and goals for the growth of organizational development.
  12. Hello, Thank you for reading this post. If you have a suggestion on this topic, it will be most appreciated. What is the most popular, present-time binding option for hard copies of presentations to be distributed to a Board of Directors? Here is some background information relating to this question: One of my team members will soon be making a presentation to a Board of Directors. In addition to his A/V presentation, he will also be handing out bound versions of the presentation. He believes comb or spiral binding would work best, whereas I believe an appropriately-sized h
  13. Hi Lindsay@Core, After you register for PACE you'll be sent study materials - 4 modules. I suggest printing them off - much easier to read, highlight and take notes. You will get a practice quiz for each module after registering - they will come with the study materials - very realistic to the actual questions. You have a year to study and pass, including up to three chances. Good luck to you!!
  14. I am new here and wondered where you found study materials or what study materials you used? Are there sample tests to see where you are at before taking the real test? Thanks!
  15. Hi Joanne, Thank you for this information! Can you tell me more about how to join All Things Admin so I can watch that webinar? I clicked link and it sends me to a log in page. Thank you! Lindsay
  16. Good Morning, I am new to ASAP and I am currently studying to get my PACE Certification. Does anybody have and advise or tips for me??
  17. Due to layoffs in our company, I recently was moved to cover the job of 2 Admins. Very different requests in this new position. My goal is to set up something that I can manage all requests & send notification to the requestee once I have completed what they needed I want to minimize emails & just get the info from them, have something I can hold all info (catering info, vendor receipts etc) and then just let them know when it's done. Is this something someone can guide me on? The requests from this team vary so much. I just want one system. I really appreciate any help.
  18. Hello and Happy Monday Everyone from New Orleans!!!!
  19. We are a regional commission with 28 Commissioners. We currently prepare 3-ring binders with dividers for our meeting document package. Some of our Commissioners will take some documents, some take all, and some take everything including the dividers - leaving us the binders. We are looking at ways to be cost-effective and provide the Commissioners with document packages they would feel encouraged to take home after meetings (for those who attend in person). We are not opposed to providing new binders and all inserts on a meeting-by-meeting basis (which is roughly quarterly) but I wond
  20. Happy Friday Everyone From Union City, GA. I just joined a little over a week. I'm looking forward to meeting new friends and sharing new innovations.
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