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  2. Good Day Everyone, My name is Charles Gibson from the DMV and I'm EXCITED about attending this year's APC virtually. I hope to meet and engaged with some of you AMAZING attendees. This will be my fourth year attending. Unfortunately due to the pandemic and Federal Government Laws with the agency I work for, I have to attend virtually this year but next year I hope to be there in person. By attending these conferences, I have learned a wealth of knowledge and so will you. In the meantime between time. Enjoy yourselves and soak it all in and will chat later. Best, Charles Man
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  4. Public policy is a process about selecting strategies and making choices. Public policy making include some steps –getting of agenda, policy formulation, policy adoptions, policy implementation. It must be also evaluated to see the intended results, to revise existing and future public programs and projects. Public policy can be studied as producing three types of policies (distributive, regulatory and re-distributive) related with decision making process. Public administration is the set of processes, structures, functions, methods and procedures. Public administration is the formulation and
  5. In my country we need more than procedures for the public administration services, and I’m looking forward to do my best to publish an articles helping the legal system to make the administration services more applicable and executional, but it’s not really easy to do that because we need lots of things for those steps
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  7. Hello from Central Texas! 🙂
  8. SHRM is a great place to start. Good luck!
  9. Good morning from St Louis MO. Looking forward to the opportunities for learning and sharing this forum will offer.
  10. I would like to know why it is not correct to add "Stay Safe - Vaccinate" to a business signature. This could mean Covid, Flu, Shingles, etc. shots.
  11. Does any currently manage their executive's email? My executive gets tons of emails, and I'm trying to help de-clutter his inbox and draw attention to what he needs to pay attention to. I know what generally works for my inbox, but wondered if there are best practices to follow when organizing and managing someone else's inbox. Any helpful tips are appreciated.
  12. Hi Teri! I hope you received responses to your post! Cheers, Betty
  13. IntelliMindz Academy is authorized to World-Class leading Software Certification Training. If acquiring new skills is your aim to obtain your career breaks higher, we have everything you demand to lead your career goals, no matter how skilled you currently are. Our certified and expertise course instructors support you by providing you with the best practices according to the current industrial requirements. To know more details, reach us @ +91 9655877677 / +91 9655877577. If any doubts regarding our certification courses in Bangalore, you can also email us @ info@intellimindz.com. Curre
  14. Greetings, everyone! I hope you all are staying healthy and safe. How are you these days? Are you continuing to work from home, returning to the office, or transitiong to a hybrid of the two? I continue to be grateful that I am a remote worker of many years but, having also worked in the corporate on-site environment, empathize with those having to return to on-site. Just checking in to see how everyone is doing in these uncertain and crazy times. So ... how are you? Cheers, Betty
  15. You are Needed at Work: Face and Fulfill Your Responsibilities! Don’t be the same, be better: In parallel, the 21st-century work demands has significantly evolved. As employees, we need to come to terms with the reality that our respective works demand skills beyond our ‘Academic qualifications & Experience.’ Have you learnt to adjust to these changing trends as an enabler for your organization’s sustained commercial success? If not, here’s how Your employers need of you is highly dependent on how uniquely you utilize these ‘must-haves’. You
  16. I have been asked to come up with a professional development plan and have not 1 clue as to how to even get started and it's making me anxious.
  17. Greetings from Gainesville, Florida (actually, working remotely from Hawthorne, Florida)! Are there any other VA's (Virtual Assistants) who would like to compare notes? I am an Executive Assistant to the CEO (Orthopedics) and open to sharing what I have learned thus far, and certainly look forward to learning about everyone else's journeys. Thanks for being here! Rita 🤓
  18. I began in March 2021 and to date have not been sent a link, address, or other means to access the webinars that occur monthly. I would like to know why not?
  19. Greetings! My name is Teri and I am an executive assistant at NASPA – Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education, a non-profit higher education association based in Washington, DC. I am working on a personal professional development project in which I’d like to connect with other administrative professionals for informal, informational Zoom chats either 1-on-1 or in a small group. My goal is to speak with other professionals with similar roles in different fields and different types of organizations, and I’ve drafted some questions to explore: What was your journey to becomi
  20. I asked my employer and sadly they said no. Apparently there are 2 reasons of which I find interesting. 1. I was told they won't pay for any kind of certification because you could take it with you to another employer. 2. The only reimbursement offered is actual college courses. I guess the company gets some kind of tax benefit or credit from them, but not certifications. Obviously every business is different, so absolutely ask....the worst that can happen is they say NO! Good luck!
  21. JGRiemer


    I know that Executives receive coaching all the time, but is there also a need for Administrative Coaching for assistants that want to develop into high performers?
  22. I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but I've been asked to update our current, quite archaic, PFS form. Does anyone have a really great form they like to use for this? Thanks
  23. Hello from Lincoln, NE!
  24. Hello all! I'm excited to get my PACE underway shortly. I'm doing this for self development first and foremost, but I would be kidding myself if I didn't acknowledge that I'm looking forward to a salary increase as my employer observes my personal commitment to bettering my best. This is something that I personally am required to foot the bill for, so I'm certainly not taking it lightly. My question is this, without divulging your salary (which I would never ask...I work in HR), did you see a pay increase once you obtained your certification? If yes, how did you go about asking for mor
  25. I have worked a few years in corporate, and educational. The educational has a fourth component (trainee/student) when corporations did away with on the job training programs that leveled the field so, everyone started with the same understandings it limited the role of trainee. So conceptual is ideas, in technical work there is still an element of training, which is people based and based on a company handbook. The educational world relies on students and unless the certification is in place you are limited.
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