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    Hello everyone. I started studying to take the PACE exam in October 2019. I read through the study guide and listened to the lectures twice. then went through and "spot" studied where I thought I was weak. I took lots of notes and had a really good outline with page numbers. then got really tired of studying so I took the exam 3 weeks ago. I figured since I had 3 chances I could find out where I was weak and concentrate there. This is an open book test and the page numbers in my notes really came into play for me. The test was 90 minutes and I took all but about 3 minutes of time. It was a tough test and went over everything in the lectures and book. But, I was so surprised because I passed the first time!!! Good luck to everyone.
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    I've asked my team to put together a list of their pros and cons during this time of isolation and working while in quarantine. Here are the major takeaways- Pros: For the introvert - working remotely is a welcome break from all of the interruptions (more focused) No commute (less stress) More face-time with family members throughout the day (better work-life balance) Video meetings keep us connected Teamwork has strengthen as everyone now gets to share the duty of answering our main phone line throughout the day and we're not juggling lunch breaks Ample time for online professional development through webinars, LinkedIn Learning, industry articles Working in casual clothes Full-access to our technology platforms Keeping in mind that this is a temporary situation and life with resume as "normal" at some point Cons: For the extrovert - the isolation and lack of face-to-face interaction Technical blips Lack of multiple monitors Concerns about getting mail sorted and distributed (since resolved) Not going out to lunch with coworkers Sedentary workday with increased snacking 🙂 Easy to forget to "clock-out" at the end of the day For those with young children - interruptions
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    TIP!! For those who are new and taking the course you can take the test during the course to test your knowledge. This helps you to know what area you may be weak in, since you get 3 attempts it wont hurt to pre-test GOOD LUCK!!! 😉 Ill be at EA Summit California next month!! Dont be shy say HELLO!!!
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    How hard was the exam? Did you pass on your first try?
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    I'm a little late to this party, but I'm starting to study for the PACE exam this month. I'm very excited to be able to add this to my resume! Good luck to everyone!! 😀
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    Hello Everyone, I just signed up for certification are there any tips you can share to help me stay focused and motivated? Thanks.
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    Hello everyone. I'm a newbie and I'd really appreciate it if I can get better clarification on the difference between PACE and CAP. I'm trying to decide which to go for and need some guidance please. Thank you.
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    I am starting to study for the PACE exam now as well. Not sure what the typical timeframe is for those that study and pass. Any input would be helpful. And congrats to those that have passed!
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    Open communication and understanding my manager's leadership style are the two most important aspects of maintaining good rapport. We have built such a strong rapport through the years that I am able to display signs of tough love by telling him, in our 1:1's, what others are too intimidated to tell him. By offering this in a personal setting it gives him time to reflect, but also go in to the next interaction/meeting with an understanding of how people are perceiving him. This is essential during organizational shifts or times of turmoil in our business. This relationship is, hands-down, the most rewarding of my career. I can visibly see the managing up and how it ultimately affects the organization.
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