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    I just passed this past Thursday! I am officially PACE certified. 😁
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    I have worked in rural offices but don't currently have a degree in Administrative Assistant. I am enrolled in college and working on earning my degree in Administrative Assistant. I am hoping this page will help me get more information under my belt for when I finish college and start applying for jobs. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you Gemini_Assistant
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    Good success to all. I, too, am currently working on taking the test by February 14 (soon approaching)!
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    For personal development (for self, first); to demonstrate/validate my 20+ years in the professional; to demonstrate continual growth and development.
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    I'm glad they went so well! Our company has a majority male population as well. If I ever get to the position to plan for our entire region, this might be an idea I use!
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    Thanks for the suggestions, Kaylyn! I'll keep this in my "recharging" notes! We had our meeting two weeks ago and the chair massages were a hit. Our meeting was 80 people, primarily males. We had two chair masseuses set up for 5-10 min massages in the morning before the meeting, during breaks, lunch and for 30 minutes after the meeting. They were a hit! Some went back more than once!
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    Hi Jen! I've never done chair massages for a corporate meeting before, but that sounds like a great idea! I think having playing some upbeat oldies would be good for keeping up energy or maybe a quick trivia game with a gift card prize.
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    Hello Fellow Office Professionals: Many of you enjoyed my last initial list of Shortcuts and Tips for Word; therefore, below are some additional ones I find useful. Check them out, and let me know what you think! Inserting Serial Numbers in a Table for Automatic Numbering: Select the column in which you wish to put the serial numbers. Make sure entire column is highlighted vertically. Click the numbered list bullet on Ribbon to quickly fill the serial numbers in that column. Bulleted List: Key * and Spacebar to quickly create a bulleted list. This saves time since you will not have to get the mouse to select from Ribbon. To Repeat Heading of Table on Second and Following Page(s): Create table with headings. Select Table Toolbar. Select Layout Tab. On right, select Repeat Header Rows. Comments: To add “Comments” to document, click on the Review Menu. Click on “New Comment”. To edit when finished, hit the Esc Key. Delete Word at a Time: CTRL + Backspace Deletes word to the left of the cursor. Keep hitting until all desired text is deleted. Insert File Name in Footer or Header: Insert File Name Under Header & Footer Tools on the Design tab, in the Insert group, click Quick Parts. Click Field. Click FileName (select the format you wish). Page Orientation Switching From Portrait to Landscape Within Document: Page Layout—Portrait Insert a Break—Next Page Page Layout—Landscape Insert a Break—Next Page Page Layout—Portrait Screen Clipping: Open document; open Browser or Application. In Word, click on Insert, then select Screenshot. Select text or item to capture. The selected text/item/picture will then be imported into Word document. Roger Fulk - roger.fulk@wright.edu
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    Because it is a right thing to do. Be an example and the motivation for others., this will affect your personal growth as well. win win situation to all parties.
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    To show my employer that not only I have the skillset, but I am also willing to learn and keep up with the times.
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    Hi Janice and Monica! The PACE exam is 120 questions. The exam pulls from the same question bank, which is comprised of 25% for each module. The questions will randomize slightly each time you take it. It sounds like you've both put in a lot of study time so I'm sure you'll both see success soon! Good luck!
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