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  1. One of my new favorites: CTRL & L in Powerpoint will give you a RED DOT instead of a white mouse arrow. Like a play-with-the-cat laser light. It only works in Powerpoint (yes, I've tried), but with WFH, and everything on PPT now, this is a fabulous tool. Easy toggle. CTRL + L to turn on and CTRL + L to turn off. Credit goes to Vickie Sokol Evans. She told us about this one back in April or May, I think.
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  2. Effective communication is fundamental to the progress of any business or activity. Failure to emphasize effective communication will not only result in projects lagging behind but also creating an undesirable working environment and hence resources wastage. That's why I ensure that all information that is required to be communicated in a clear and concise matter to my team. And this is done in two ways. That is to say; Verbally and through emails for future reference.
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