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    I've asked my team to put together a list of their pros and cons during this time of isolation and working while in quarantine. Here are the major takeaways- Pros: For the introvert - working remotely is a welcome break from all of the interruptions (more focused) No commute (less stress) More face-time with family members throughout the day (better work-life balance) Video meetings keep us connected Teamwork has strengthen as everyone now gets to share the duty of answering our main phone line throughout the day and we're not juggling lunch breaks Ample time for online professional development through webinars, LinkedIn Learning, industry articles Working in casual clothes Full-access to our technology platforms Keeping in mind that this is a temporary situation and life with resume as "normal" at some point Cons: For the extrovert - the isolation and lack of face-to-face interaction Technical blips Lack of multiple monitors Concerns about getting mail sorted and distributed (since resolved) Not going out to lunch with coworkers Sedentary workday with increased snacking 🙂 Easy to forget to "clock-out" at the end of the day For those with young children - interruptions
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    Hello everyone. I started studying to take the PACE exam in October 2019. I read through the study guide and listened to the lectures twice. then went through and "spot" studied where I thought I was weak. I took lots of notes and had a really good outline with page numbers. then got really tired of studying so I took the exam 3 weeks ago. I figured since I had 3 chances I could find out where I was weak and concentrate there. This is an open book test and the page numbers in my notes really came into play for me. The test was 90 minutes and I took all but about 3 minutes of time. It was a tough test and went over everything in the lectures and book. But, I was so surprised because I passed the first time!!! Good luck to everyone.
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    I have been studying since February, off and on. I tested for the first time earlier in the month to get a feel for the test and see where I stood, not quite passing. I took it again yesterday and was so close - 3 questions away from passing! I spent an hour skimming the material again, adding to my notes and took it my third time - yes twice in one day. I felt really good about it, clicking through without needing my notes for a lot of it. When I hit submit with a minute left, there was a technology hiccup or something and it spun and spun so I said a lil prayer & clicked it again, it said 85% and then guess what!! Another window popped up and said I was out of time! Oh the disappointment! Ach! I messaged ASAP last night and explained what happened. Also, guess what!! ... ...This morning I got an email and as it turns out ....I PASSED!! Not an easy test, but if you study, take good notes you can do it! 2 tips for those working to take the certification: note the names behind the management approaches - who they were and what their approach was 😉 I had a lot of those questions. I found that some questions are very relevant to my day to day but some not so much - pay attention to all of the material regardless if you think it applies to your day to day or not. Good luck!
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    I just passed this past Thursday! I am officially PACE certified. 😁
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    In my experience, I have personally handled calendars but have also used Scheduling Assistant Apps such as TimeTrade, ScheduleOnce, Calendy and Acuity...to name a few. Of course, depending on the executives' need determines the route best taken. Below are my findings after conducting research. COMPARISONS: TimeTrade vs. ScheduleOnce vs. Calendly | https://www.trustradius.com/compare-products/timetrade-vs-scheduleonce-vs-calendly TimeTrade vs. Doodle vs. BookingBug | https://www.trustradius.com/compare-products/timetrade-vs-doodle-vs-bookingbug TimeTrade vs. Acuity Scheduling vs. Booker | https://www.trustradius.com/compare-products/timetrade-vs-acuity-scheduling-vs-booker PRICING: TimeTrade | Individual: $6.50/month/user billed annually ($78) | Business: $12.42/month/user billed annually ($149) | Business Plus: $25/month/user billed annually ($300) Acuity Scheduling | Freebie: $0 | Emerging: $15/month | Growing: $25/month | Powerhouse: $50/month ScheduleOnce | Basic: $7.50/month billed annually ($90) or $9 MTM | Professional: $15.80/month billed annually ($189.60) or $19 MTM | Enterprise: $32.50/month billed annually ($390) or $39 MTM Doodle | Private: $4.08/month | Small Business: $5.75/month | Business: $2.98/month/user Calendy | Basic: Free | Premium: $8/month billed annually ($96) or $10 MTM | Pro: $12/month billed annually ($144) or $15 MTM BookingBug | Solo: $19.95/month (200 bookings per month) | Small: $34.95/month (500 bookings per month) | Medium: $69.95/month (2,000 bookings per month) | Enterprise: Customized
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    Hello Fellow Office Professionals: Many of you enjoyed my last initial list of Shortcuts and Tips for Word; therefore, below are some additional ones I find useful. Check them out, and let me know what you think! Inserting Serial Numbers in a Table for Automatic Numbering: Select the column in which you wish to put the serial numbers. Make sure entire column is highlighted vertically. Click the numbered list bullet on Ribbon to quickly fill the serial numbers in that column. Bulleted List: Key * and Spacebar to quickly create a bulleted list. This saves time since you will not have to get the mouse to select from Ribbon. To Repeat Heading of Table on Second and Following Page(s): Create table with headings. Select Table Toolbar. Select Layout Tab. On right, select Repeat Header Rows. Comments: To add “Comments” to document, click on the Review Menu. Click on “New Comment”. To edit when finished, hit the Esc Key. Delete Word at a Time: CTRL + Backspace Deletes word to the left of the cursor. Keep hitting until all desired text is deleted. Insert File Name in Footer or Header: Insert File Name Under Header & Footer Tools on the Design tab, in the Insert group, click Quick Parts. Click Field. Click FileName (select the format you wish). Page Orientation Switching From Portrait to Landscape Within Document: Page Layout—Portrait Insert a Break—Next Page Page Layout—Landscape Insert a Break—Next Page Page Layout—Portrait Screen Clipping: Open document; open Browser or Application. In Word, click on Insert, then select Screenshot. Select text or item to capture. The selected text/item/picture will then be imported into Word document. Roger Fulk - roger.fulk@wright.edu
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    As time goes on, even the cons are starting to be worked on. Technology is being modified to accommodate the new, albeit temporary, normal. Some companies are also deciding that investing in multiple monitors for works to take home is worthwhile for increased productivity. I'm interested to see what more evolves as time goes on. At the end of this, there will be many lessons learned.
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    Took advantage of my furloughed time off from work. Completed my studies and took and passed the exam this morning.
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    Hi Tressa! Personally, I wouldn't mind being on an undiscovered island - with electricity, indoor plumbing and a good internet connection, of course! 😃 Our team uses Slack for real-time communication and collaboration. We began using Slack well before the current environment, having switched from Skype. I love Slack! It is much more versatile with more features such as file upload, etc. Channels are created for different topics, eliminating the need to wade through a long stream of irrelevant conversation. We do have a "water cooler" type of channel for sharing items unrelated to work. Slack has not replaced email, but our small team finds it to be very productive for working together in real time. We also do a check-in fairly regularly via Slack just to see how everyone is doing during these uncertain times. While some folks may not feel comfortable sharing personal feelings and challenges, it is one way to reach out, take a moment and just say, "How are you doing, really?" Perhaps during these days taking that moment to interact on a personal level is even more important and can foster team cohesiveness just knowing others are experiencing the same feelings, challenges and, yes, joys both professionally and personally. We have a team meeting via Google Hangouts or Zoom once a month. While we interact and collaborate with each other daily, we get together in real time for a video chat for regrouping as needed, addressing any ongoing challenges, celebrating positive moments, plotting a way forward and, in general, taking a "pulse check" on where we currently are with regards to the business. Additionally, we have a periodic virtual happy hour where anything goes - except work! 🙂 Another platform that has increased productivity and focus (and that I really love!) is Asana. I personally like it not only for goals and projects assigned to me and the ability to collaborate, but also for the capability of creating Asana tasks for myself that serve as reminders for recurring routine responsibilities. I have found it to be a tremendous help in prioritization, staying focused (which can be difficult in this environment) and, again, for collaboration. I've lately been including something like, "On a personal note, I hope you and yours are safe and well." in business emails not only to people I have interacted with before, but to those I have not. I've received so many responses and lovely email conversations have started from that simple line, that reaching out to the "person" and not just the name or email address. We are not all in the same boat, but we are weathering the same storm. I hope this has given you some ideas, perhaps even for a simple "Haven't heard from you in a while. How are you doing?" check-in to some of the elusive members of your team. Perhaps they're doing just fine - fishing and soaking up some rays on that undiscovered island! Stay safe. Stay well. Stay strong. Betty
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    @JMcCumber Have you posted any of the best practices that referred to in your post? I want to make sure I didn't miss them. Thanks.
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    TIP!! For those who are new and taking the course you can take the test during the course to test your knowledge. This helps you to know what area you may be weak in, since you get 3 attempts it wont hurt to pre-test GOOD LUCK!!! 😉 Ill be at EA Summit California next month!! Dont be shy say HELLO!!!
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    To show my employer that not only I have the skillset, but I am also willing to learn and keep up with the times.
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    Open communication and understanding my manager's leadership style are the two most important aspects of maintaining good rapport. We have built such a strong rapport through the years that I am able to display signs of tough love by telling him, in our 1:1's, what others are too intimidated to tell him. By offering this in a personal setting it gives him time to reflect, but also go in to the next interaction/meeting with an understanding of how people are perceiving him. This is essential during organizational shifts or times of turmoil in our business. This relationship is, hands-down, the most rewarding of my career. I can visibly see the managing up and how it ultimately affects the organization.
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    Hi Janice and Monica! The PACE exam is 120 questions. The exam pulls from the same question bank, which is comprised of 25% for each module. The questions will randomize slightly each time you take it. It sounds like you've both put in a lot of study time so I'm sure you'll both see success soon! Good luck!
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    Good Morning, I am new to ASAP and I am currently studying to get my PACE Certification. Does anybody have and advise or tips for me??
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    Happy Friday Everyone From Union City, GA. I just joined a little over a week. I'm looking forward to meeting new friends and sharing new innovations.
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    After seven years with my current boss, I can't say we have a 'norm.' We frequently communicated in the office. He is an encourager and does not hesitate to share feedback, which is excellent. However, working from home, email communication has increased but has been primarily about the work itself. The personal interaction varies and occurs at staff meetings or when he has a specific assignment where verbal communication is necessary. With our recent conversion to Teams, I utilize the components to communicate, especially the video component. I do manage his calendar, even though he is very independent. Therefore, I schedule myself on his calendar to ensure our interaction remains constant. Items are work-related, personal development, performance goals, and status, etc. I find adding things to his calendar a beneficial tool. Sometimes it is essential to take the initiative and put questions on the table. Believe it or not, we do quite a bit of text messaging.🙂
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    Kaylon, At the beginning of the pandemic when we were all on "Stay-at-home" orders, keeping in touch with my boss was pretty difficult. He is so used to just having me outside of his door that he has never felt the need to schedule regular check-ins with me. I think at the beginning of the pandemic, it was almost 2 weeks before we had a long conversation that was not a text conversation. I just tried my best to copy him on work I was doing, not everything of course, but anything I did on a larger college level. But I think the thing that helped me the most was hosting regular meetings with staff, since we were the ones doing most of the work. I would definately let your boss know that you feel like you need a regular check-in scheduled and do it over Webex, Zoom, Teams...what ever you use.
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    Kaylon, I can't imagine adding a natural disaster to the current situation. MSU is grad students only on campus. Most classes are virtual. We used Teams for our interactions within out unit and it works great for us. We will be converting all of our seminar to virtual this year. Lots of new stuff for us. I already do a lot of emailing so that really hasn't changed much for me. Teams allows you to call or video or chat with someone which is where I am most of the time. We are functioning well remotely but I know that is not easy for everyone. Communication is key. I hope you have someone you can go to with questions to help you learn your new position.
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    I just registered for the virtual conference. 1st time. I hope to meet a lot of people and learn a ton!
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    Hi Jen! How awesome, you're just about done! Please keep me posted on how you do. Good luck! Thanks and stay safe! Maria
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    Hi Everyone, I'll be attending virtually! Who else will be attending the virtual conference?? Looking forward to it and meeting those who attend 🙂 Safe & Healthy Regards to all! Jen
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    What is your current on-boarding/orientation process? Any formal documents such as a schedule, mentoring guide, welcome kit, etc., are appreciated.
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    Do you have an administrative network at your organization? If so, how effective is the network, leaders, content material, etc? Are you dealing with drama? Is there cohesiveness and respect among the administrative members? My reason for asking some of these questions is because I was elected this past December to lead our administrative members and the first thing that came into my mind was....why me? I am a leader but I prefer to lead in the background. It has been 6 months and it has had its challenges but I am now starting to gain some momentum. The first thing I did was held a meeting with my leadership board and began strategizing on calendar of events, thinking about training and lunch and learn topics based on our organizations messaging, etc. I am very creative and I believe that we now have to think outside the box and step out on faith and be risk-takers. Our first meeting was a "general meeting" where we thought it was important to lay the foundation with our members and make them aware that it is time for create a safe space for us to talk and share information and/or concerns. Embarking on this task has allowed myself and the leadership board to see things more clearly and think smart when it comes to changing up the "norm" of things. One thing I have learned from being in this lead role is that some of the members do not want to change the way things have always been and I get it but it is time to change because as society is changing, organizations are changing, etc. we will have to change or we will get left behind. To sum of everything, I made my administrative members know that I have a passion for what I do and I will do my best to try and lead with respect, open mind, transparency and a listening ear. Let's talk about this because it is important that we build an effective administrative network within our organizations. What is working? What is not working?
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    Hello everyone, am a newbie, would like to know more about the certification and benefits. Thanks
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    I always look to my inner strengths to avoid falling into the trap of taking things personally and becoming negative over things of which I have very little control. I've been in the Federal Government for over 39 years now and am close to the end of my career. I've gone through furloughs, reassignments, realignments and Reductions in Force. I've prided myself in always considering what value I can bring into my next position, task or role and I never give up on myself. The most important thing to remember is that you have the resilience and the ability to get through anything if you have the right frame of mind. Your ability to stay emotionally strong through storms is the biggest asset you have to bring to any situation. Stay strong and believe in yourself - never lose confidence in you.
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    @Sami Espenschied Do you have a room (kitchen, storage closet, etc) that all employees go into on a regular basis? Maybe you can post rewards and recognition there? Or would you prefer to acknowledge these employees in a public location within the library? It would easy to take a photo of an employee with a phone and create a graphic showcasing "March Employee Spotlight: Sami". "Meet Sami. She's been working with the X county library system for eight years and is your go-to person for YA books." We all have our different work love language but recognition, or lack thereof, is a huge factor for why people leave their workplace. This example is simple and doesn't cost a thing. Plus, you don't have to really think about "who should be the employee of the month?" Because, isn't there always a rock star at work and someone else who never goes above and beyond? An Employee Spotlight can highlight all employees and you can give them a pat on the back by recognizing their strengths within the blurb.
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    I played around with OneNote before using it for work. I watched YouTube videos and then watched this webinar - https://www.allthingsadmintraining.com/capture-organize-share-onenote-webinar/ If you plan on sharing information, be careful with sharing. Test your process first to ensure you are not sharing what you don't want to share. You can have a folder but you cannot share just a tab within that folder. You'll need to create a folder that you can share. For example, I have a folder for each direct report. I have tabs for 1:1s, performance feedback, goals, projects, accomplishments, personal notes (when their bday is, favorite drink from Starbucks). I found one of my direct reports, I'll call her Nancy, was struggling with organizing her tasks, time management, and prioritization - ya know, key admin skills. I created a "Nancy_task" folder for her and we share and update weekly lists. She doesn't miss any tasks and communicates if something can't be done that day. I didn't simply create a tab for her in my "Nancy" folder - since if I tried to share just that "Nancy_tasks" tab, I would've actually shared my entire "Nancy" folder - my notes regarding performance, etc. You can password protect tabs which I also do for the tabs where I keep sensitive information regarding performance reviews, etc. I will say that using OneNote with the team has helped monitor their workload while working remotely during this Coronavirus crisis.
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    How hard was the exam? Did you pass on your first try?
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    I'm a little late to this party, but I'm starting to study for the PACE exam this month. I'm very excited to be able to add this to my resume! Good luck to everyone!! 😀
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    Hello JenC, I'm a newbie in admin roles and so do not really know much in this capacity, However, to answer you directly, I'd agree that you need a mentor over and above any professional development plan for now. When you're sure of the new path you'd like to tow that will in turn determine the professional development plan you should embark on. Best wishes!
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    I am starting to study for the PACE exam now as well. Not sure what the typical timeframe is for those that study and pass. Any input would be helpful. And congrats to those that have passed!
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    Good success to all. I, too, am currently working on taking the test by February 14 (soon approaching)!
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    Thanks for the suggestions, Kaylyn! I'll keep this in my "recharging" notes! We had our meeting two weeks ago and the chair massages were a hit. Our meeting was 80 people, primarily males. We had two chair masseuses set up for 5-10 min massages in the morning before the meeting, during breaks, lunch and for 30 minutes after the meeting. They were a hit! Some went back more than once!
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    Hello! I am newer to the role of Office Administrator and Executive Assistant to the President. He recently told me I should start considering how I add value to the company and start thinking through what makes me irreplaceable. I am not sure if this was an encouragement, or a passive way to tell me I'm not doing a good job (I feel I am doing a good job, but I am new so I may be missing things). I am looking for ways to improve myself in my role, but also looking for ideas to go above and beyond at my company and really make myself irreplaceable here. I passed my PACE exam several months ago, but felt it didn't necessarily add value to my role. I am looking for tips and tricks as well as someone to come along side of me and open my eyes to this world of admin and assisting. Anything will be helpful! Thanks for your help! Kelly H.
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    Hi Jen! I've never done chair massages for a corporate meeting before, but that sounds like a great idea! I think having playing some upbeat oldies would be good for keeping up energy or maybe a quick trivia game with a gift card prize.
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    Proof that I am still "in the game", continuing education, and implementing skills aligned with the times.
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    I'm currently working on taking the test!
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    Finishing up class and taking test before March EA Ignite event. ;-)
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    I will be taking my test over the holiday break!!!
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    Me! I am totally looking forward to do the Modul 1 beginning the next year. Good Luck!
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    To demonstrate P in AP work.
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    Hello everyone, I am the Executive Assistant for Chief Compliance Officer at the University of North Texas
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    Hi Joanne! Just a few thoughts... Where does your department struggle the most? Where could they improve? For example, if tardiness or sick days have become more frequent, you could set a group goal to limit sick/tardy days. Or is there something you feel the team already does, but you could push to the next level by setting an obtainable goal to improve? Such as accomplishing a task in a shorter amount of time or getting more "first time rights" as a group. Hope this helps! Wishing you the best of luck in your goal setting! Jen
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    To give potential employers evidence that I know my job - they don't have to just accept my word concerning my skills. As well as to show my present employer that I am committed to continued education as mentioned by VedaB.
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    To show I am committed to the administrative profession and continuous learning.
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    Our onboarding/orientation process is good but it could be better. One of the good things is that our company start new hires on Fridays so that definitely works. For my team, the hiring managing and a couple of team members take the new hire to lunch, the new hire will meet with IT support for about an hour to get setup, etc. Eventually, the new hire will be free to leave early but will be ready to dive in on that Monday. All formal documents will be provided on the next business day but depending on the hiring manager they will send them home with some reading material to get caught up on their new responsibility. We do provide a welcome kit. For the administrative side, I believe that we can do much better with "welcoming" each other into a new organization. For example, I am the new lead for our administrative team within the Potomac Region (Arlington VA) and I am working with my leadership board to create and implement a thorough but effective "Administrative Handbook" for the entire administrative team. I am responsibility/leading 90 assistants across this region and each site location may be slightly different.
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