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  1. I know every EA is different, so much depends on the business, the boss, the personality and so. My boss is finally getting to the point where he is ready to have me do more for him. This is more about how I can help him, what can I do to give him back time in his day. If you support a President or CEO. Would you be willing to share what types of tasks you do. Other than the generic everything . I'd like to make a recommendation on what I can offer or atleast something that is worth trying to see if it fits. Here are some ideas. Do you read and respond to emails on behalf of your boss. I currently do not, but I have access We already share a calendar and that is very helpful How do you take notes from meetings and track them for reference and action items. I currently use my task list in Outlook. For him, he would like me to scan the notes he gives me and put them into a one note , notebook that we could share. Not sure what that looks like. I use One Note for my personal notes, but not sure how that would work with sharing and task items. I'm checking out training options. Thank you for anyone who has suggestions
  2. My boss has requested that I learn more about One Note and the options it offers so that we can share a notebook and help organize follow ups and notes from meetings. If anyone can offer trainings that you may have found helpful. I use Microsoft Office 365. I use the desktop option and also have access to webversion.
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