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  1. Hi Teri! I hope you received responses to your post! Cheers, Betty
  2. Greetings, everyone! I hope you all are staying healthy and safe. How are you these days? Are you continuing to work from home, returning to the office, or transitiong to a hybrid of the two? I continue to be grateful that I am a remote worker of many years but, having also worked in the corporate on-site environment, empathize with those having to return to on-site. Just checking in to see how everyone is doing in these uncertain and crazy times. So ... how are you? Cheers, Betty
  3. I've been using both Momentum Dash and Sortd (for Gmail) for years. Momentum keeps frequently used links easily accessible without having to hunt for them. What I really love is the ability to open a group of tabs in Google with just one click. I call this my "Core Work Group," which is comprised of the apps I use on a daily basis. Sortd is an absolute sanity saver in sorting my Gmail in a fashion similar to Trello.
  4. Hi Lindsay, I process payroll for the contractors in our small company, but there's no PTO involved. My initial thought is having whatever you use to track PTO be shareable. Does your company use Google Suite? A Google Sheet would be shareable with your boss. We're in the midst of creating workflow documentation via Process Street so any of us can step in to accomplish another's responsibilities if needed. This is especially critical for our company, as we all work virtually. We have started using the hashtag #hitbyabus in some of our conversations on Slack regarding this. 😄 (We
  5. That's wonderful, Lynn! If you're meeting via Zoom, you can get a virtual background and really confuse your manager! 😄 Enjoy the flexibility and comfort!
  6. Good list, Joanne! All pros for me, but it's my natural state of working. 🙂
  7. Hi Tressa! Personally, I wouldn't mind being on an undiscovered island - with electricity, indoor plumbing and a good internet connection, of course! 😃 Our team uses Slack for real-time communication and collaboration. We began using Slack well before the current environment, having switched from Skype. I love Slack! It is much more versatile with more features such as file upload, etc. Channels are created for different topics, eliminating the need to wade through a long stream of irrelevant conversation. We do have a "water cooler" type of channel for sharing items unrelated to w
  8. Hi everyone! For those of you recently entering the world of telecommuting - welcome! I have been home-based for 20+ years in various forms and in my current position as a freelance Administrative Assistant for the past 5 years. Our company provides accessibility services to the Deaf community, primarily in the academic arena. As you can imagine, activity has slowed considerabily in recent days but I'm hopeful we will see a return to more normal levels in the near future. I'm taking advantage of this lull to catch up on projects, both professional and personal. I am always
  9. Hi everyone, I have been home-based for over 20+ years in various forms and as an Administrative Assistant for the past 5 years. Love my job and grateful I work at home. 🙂 Looking forward to interacting with you all! Cheers, Betty
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