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  1. Welcome, Aletha! You may have already taken your PACE certification test. If not: Something that helped me was Cram.com (https://www.cram.com/). It is a free flash card website. As I read through the PACE Study Guide, I look notes on virtual flash cards. When I finished reading the study guide, I had a complete PACE study tool. Cram generates practice quizzes, so I was able to take practice tests without using up my three PACE examination attempts. If you are still studying, good luck!
  2. Thanks! There is quite a bit of gold in this, and I appreciate you taking the time to write it!
  3. Hello Betty, Thanks for putting yourself out there! I am one of the office-based admins who has recently been plunged into the world of telecommuting. Supporting my team virtually is far different from supporting them in-person. Some of my colleagues are now more responsive, and some seem to have disappeared to an undiscovered island. Do you have any advice for effective communication with long-distance colleagues, or on how to encourage greater responsiveness? I would appreciate any pointers. Thank you, Tressa
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