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  1. We're planning on students coming back and Faculty doing a hybrid of classes. If the space is too small to socially distance, Faculty are supposed to split the class into 2 groups and schedule half for in class, and the other half joining in via video. And switching it for the next class. Faculty aren't thrilled with the plan, but it's what we're doing. We've cancelled Fall Break, Classes run until the Thanksgiving Break, then Reading Day and Exams are online. Students don't come back until the Spring Semester begins. Hopefully with no student travel between August and November, it w
  2. Execs are back, and I'm already running into issues in trying to find space for meeting that need to happen face to face. The normal meeting spaces are to small to socially distance, a meeting of 5 people now need a space for 20. And we don't have enough of those. And I think I'm going to be the one wiping down tables afterwards.
  3. Hi everyone! My name is Martha and I'm Assistant to the Dean and Administrative Assistant for the School of Art & Design at High Point University in NC. I joke that I'm the only non-creative person in the building, but it's not really a joke. Is anyone else scrambling to have Plan A, Plan B and so on in place for the Fall?
  4. Happy Star Wars Day everyone! I am the admin for a Dean and support for faculty at one of the schools at a private NC university. I stumbled across this website while looking for online classes to improve my skills. With budget cuts, revenues down, and the university looking for ways to cut back, I need to increase and improve my skill set and make sure that, while I know I am a valuable employee, the Powers That Be, know I'm a valuable employee. And I look forward to meeting new people that understand the struggles to keep a smile on your face when the copier has jammed for the umpt
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