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  1. Hi! We are doing about the same. Did you make your own social distancing signs or use a vendor? I am researching that next week. It makes me wonder how grocery stores got those social distancing signs so quickly.
  2. I think ideally, if you have conference rooms where people can be 6 feet apart, those would probably need to be cleaned by admin. You could make a suggestion that small conference rooms are closed.
  3. LCraden, Nothing has happened yet, but we are reducing the offerings we have. Nothing communal.
  4. Hi Monica. Yes, we are still not back. When we go it is probably going to be limited staff.
  5. Hello everyone! Has anyone's office opened back up? I am wondering how other companies are handling open office plans, shared kitchens and catered lunches during the pandemic. Any suggestions on how to navigate this would be appreciated. Thank you !
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