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  1. Yup that was my fear! I believe our Execs will prefer to take meetings online, even when they're back in the office. We would have to truly monitor all conference rooms to disinfect after each meeting.. I can picture that as a full time job in itself!
  2. I'm drafting a modified job description for EAs/Admins for my company. I think a lot of in-person meetings and heavy coordination will be eliminated. And constantly chasing down execs for meetings since we will be all using Teams/Zoom. I'm wondering if we should model our list to more of a Virtual Assistant model. Any thoughts on what tasks we would be eliminating as we re-imagine the new "normal" post COVID environment?
  3. I'm curious as well. We are not back in the office but working on our company's plan now. Was wondering how the logistics will work for meetings, etc. and if EAs/Admins will be expected to be the "cleaning/disinfecting" crew for conference rooms.
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