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  1. Hello! Although I'm personally not back in the office our company does have staff there and basically it's completely different with respect to changes made for social distancing. All employees were mailed reusable face masks that are required once we do officially "return" to the office. Large conference rooms have been closed and others, limited to half the size. For the common/kitchen areas, since ours were pretty large, as of now there have been no real change outside of social distancing signs since the majority of the staff is still working remotely. There are capacity signs for the elevators, temperature checks at entry points and our large outdoor area now has a limited capacity as well with some of the seating removed so that social distancing is followed. It will definitely be interesting to see what happens during holiday time since we usually have events. Will they be canceled or will they try to make them virtual? I think that might be really hard to pull off.
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