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  1. I was able to bring my entire docking station home, and work via VPN. Prior to the pandemic I had requested a WFH on Fridays or to work 4x10 and take Fridays off. My boss didn't think that would work. Now I'm 5x8 WFH or WFA (work from anywhere) and can visit with my daughter and her family at will. When I'm at home, I dock to the station I brought from work. At my daughter's, I can dock to their multi-screen system. The best of both worlds. And my manager doesn't know where I'm at until I turn on the video. 🙂
  2. Our HR and Emergency Management team came up with an idea that might help you. They give a list of all employees that are expected to be in the building on their floor to 2 "monitors" who check everyone off after we get to the emergency meeting location. Those 2 coordinate their lists, and report to the HR head of the team. This has worked for us for several years. We have 7 floors, 14 monitors, and 1 leader. Everyone knows who their monitor is by the bright green jacket they wear.
  3. One of my new favorites: CTRL & L in Powerpoint will give you a RED DOT instead of a white mouse arrow. Like a play-with-the-cat laser light. It only works in Powerpoint (yes, I've tried), but with WFH, and everything on PPT now, this is a fabulous tool. Easy toggle. CTRL + L to turn on and CTRL + L to turn off. Credit goes to Vickie Sokol Evans. She told us about this one back in April or May, I think.
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