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  1. MariAlexander, That is a good suggestion. I have no norm established with my boss. In fact, I don't even have access to her calendar, even though I have asked for it a few times. She is well aware of the work that I do because most of it is requested by her directly or indirectly because someone on the team asked if we were able to get something sent out to the students we serve and I am typically the one who makes that happen. Perhaps the question I posed is really about seeing what ways being are doing their check-ins. Since I just made six months of working in my position, I think it
  2. Thank you for the welcome, MariAlexander! What are some ways that you keep in contact/touch base with your boss? How do you build or strengthen rapport with your boss while working remotely? We are also partially online/virtual. My job is not a direct interface with students, in most cases, so I don't have the same connection with them as others on my team. It doesn't help that I haven't had the opportunity to meet most of them since I took on this position.
  3. Thank you for your response, K. Bauer. We have access to Teams, but my team almost never uses it. We usually opt for video chats over Webex and otherwise use text messaging or regular voice calls. I am not sure why we haven't taken full advantage of using Teams. I most frequently use it when IT has to remote in to my computer since it is the easiest way to give them control of the screen while I am around.
  4. I really like this feature as well! I get CC'd on weekly report submissions from my teammates, and having the like button is an easy way to let them know I received the message without having to reply directly. I just like and file it away in a folder. I wish it were available on the mobile app as well.
  5. Hello everyone! I am the Program Assistant/Data Analyst for a grant-funded program within the Student Services department of community college in Louisiana. I began my job the week before stay-at-home orders were put in place, and I have been working remotely for the majority of my time in the role. I would love to learn how higher up EAs perform their duties and what it is like to support a dean or chancellor. We had one week of classes before the threat, and eventual arrival, of Hurricane Laura warranted closing for an entire week. If things were not already uncertain and confusing eno
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