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  1. Thank you JenC. I am so sorry I am just now seeing this. Still learning how to use this area.
  2. Hi All! I assist with completing payment charts and today my boss shared with me she wants me to start tracking PTO. We are small practice of mental health providers and I just thought to create Excel spreadsheet. Each provider has unique contract so PTO looks different. I just wondered from others who have this responsibility how do you keep track of this? What tips do you have for me? Thank you! Lindsay
  3. I am new here and wondered where you found study materials or what study materials you used? Are there sample tests to see where you are at before taking the real test? Thanks!
  4. Hi Joanne, Thank you for this information! Can you tell me more about how to join All Things Admin so I can watch that webinar? I clicked link and it sends me to a log in page. Thank you! Lindsay
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