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  1. We have a civilian population of just over 80 employees. We like to do something special for them every year on Administrative Asst. day. Last year, our plans were cancelled and we had to come up with an alternative plan before the end of the budget cycle. This year, I would like to do something for them that would be welcomed. We have several who are introverts and do not like to participate in any events. Generally, I try to have a gift for each as well. I am struggling this year to think of a gift that would be appreciated and be useful. Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. I was new to the organization and all of the Administrative Staff have been here for years. I was told that I am the leader of the group. Therefore, I set up bi-monthly meetings. The first meeting was to express expectations for future meetings. Until COVID hit, it was working great. Each Admin chose a topic for the meeting and invited someone to come in and train on that topic. We all received the same training so that our processes and procedures throughout the Department would be the same. Yes, some were/are very resistant to change and absolutely refuse to make changes in their proc
  3. Did you consider electronic binders (LiveBinder)? It allows you to create tabs and add content. They can have it available on their device during the meetings and all Commissioners will have a copy, even if they were unable to make it to make it to an in person meeting.
  4. You are correct. As an Office Manager, you wear many hats. Every day is a new experience and FLEXIBILITY is key. I would be very interested in reviewing your list of best practices. Thanks,
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