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  1. Hi all, Does anyone else cover a lot of duties/projects that would normally be considered Human Resources? I work for a small office, we do not have a specific Human Resources position, and being the Executive Assistant I have taken on many of the duties that do not fall under the realm of Accounting that are tied to Human Resources (job descriptions, hiring/onboarding, development, termination documentation, background checks... etc). I'm looking for good resources to better learn HR skills, policies and procedures, as well as possible certifications that I can take online that are affor
  2. Hi everyone! I am an Executive Assistant at a church in Arizona, wondering if there are any other Executive Assistants here that work for smaller scaled companies or non-profits? I'd like to start a support system for a very niche work category!
  3. I'm also interested in this. I'm wondering if it would be appropriate to have my employer pay for the certification from the start.
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