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  1. Hi Sami - I'm currently in Washington, DC, but am originally from Hot Springs, Arkansas! (Graduate of UCA!) I saw no one else had replied to your thread yet and wanted to let you know there's another Arkansan running around!
  2. Hello all - Greetings from Washington, DC - we're just south of Dupont Circle! Can't wait to actually get back into the office.
  3. Hello! I'm the Executive Assistant for a peacebuilding non-profit based out of Washington, DC. I just joined ASAP and would love to start building up a support system/community (that's why I joined, after all!) We've spent much of the past 40 years as an international peacebuilding organization (working in more than 30 countries) but are moving quickly into revitalizing some of our domestic programming, including building relationships with religious leaders around the country for bridgebuilding efforts. I hope we get a couple more respondees in this thread and can get a suppor
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