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  1. Effective administration depends on three basic personal skills, which have been called technical, human, and conceptual only. Let's Discuss!
  2. 1) All jobs require critical thinking skills, but Executive Assistant jobs take demands to the next level. Thus, as a aspiring EA you must constantly employ critical thinking to make key decisions, communicate effectively with everyone, resolve conflicts, manage others’ emotions, and so much more. Also sign up for courses that will help anyone with a background in any career build essential critical thinking skills that will be helpful for an EA career. 2) Most executive assistant job postings prefer candidates that have at least three years of administrative experience. Experienc
  3. Effective communication enable teamwork that allows your employees to look beyond their self-interests and focus on what is best for the team. Team-building helps to break communication barriers and enables employees to find new ways of working together. When placing employees in teams, look at their skills and abilities and assign responsibilities accordingly. Improve communications by planning team activities outside of work, such as group lunches or after-work events. Invite all of your employees instead of only a select few. That's how effective my executive(s) are in communication.
  4. Is crowdsourcing a key factor in improving public administration efficiency?
  5. I have typically not managed any account for someone, but am currently managing my own farm page on Facebook and I would like advise on how to make it grow organically. Thank you.
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