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  1. If this were me, I would read and re-read the job description or posting to try to identify items the manager was planning to have the (AP) Administrative Professional complete for him once a selection has been made. Because it is a "newly created position" I would get more in depth about the manager's specific expectations. Be clear going into this position (remember you are interviewing them, just like they are interviewing you). You want to make sure this is going to be a good long term fit. I would ask questions like: 1. Does the manager have enough work to to keep the AP
  2. Good morning everyone! I am excited to be here and start working towards securing my PACE certification. Who here already has their certification done? Any tips or pointers to help the new kid on the block? I appreciate all your positive feedback in advance. Have a great week! Anissa Buiskool, CMP, CGMP, CTA, GMS
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