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  1. I use LinkedIn Learning https://www.linkedin.com/learning
  2. Thank you for sharing this - it is all inclusive!
  3. You all have given me some great sounding apps to research!
  4. How many people use Gantt charts for their projects? If you do, where did you get the chart? Did you make it in Excel, SmartDraw, etc? I found a good website called TeamGantt that makes it very easy to use the chart.
  5. I think One Note is a great tool and I am beginning a series of training videos on the subject through LinkedIn Learning to learn how to use the program more efficiently.
  6. The executives I support are all in a different country so everything is done remotely. Having strong written communication skills is crucial - especially when it comes to making sure your "tone of voice" isn't misconstrued. I have also had to learn several different remote meeting formats.
  7. If a video and written material are available for the same study item, I like to do both. I find I absorb things differently when I watch vs when I read so I figure it is best to do both!
  8. To give potential employers evidence that I know my job - they don't have to just accept my word concerning my skills. As well as to show my present employer that I am committed to continued education as mentioned by VedaB.
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