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  1. Jacque, I just emailed you. Thank you for reaching out!
  2. Hello! I am newer to the role of Office Administrator and Executive Assistant to the President. He recently told me I should start considering how I add value to the company and start thinking through what makes me irreplaceable. I am not sure if this was an encouragement, or a passive way to tell me I'm not doing a good job (I feel I am doing a good job, but I am new so I may be missing things). I am looking for ways to improve myself in my role, but also looking for ideas to go above and beyond at my company and really make myself irreplaceable here. I passed my PACE exam several month
  3. Hey Amelia, Thank you for your reply! I am interested in the reward program you mentioned. Would the coworker receiving the positive feedback get points for the prizes, or the employee giving the positive feedback? I think this would be a great incentive for us to apply here!
  4. Hey everyone! I was recently asked to revamp an old committee that we had in our office. Originally it was called "Employee Counsel". All I have been told is the committee was to "do fun stuff". I'd like to create a mission statement to reflect the following goals: Community Involvement, Sustainability, and Employee Morale. Does anyone have a committee like this in their company, how does it function? What name ideas do you have, I don't care for employee counsel. Thanks in advance for any help! - Kelly H.
  5. Hey Monica, We are close-ish! We have about 45 employees in the office daily, several traveling and a few that permanently WFH. We have an HR Director that is mostly in charge of processes. Sometimes I feel more like I was hired to be reception than they realized. I started in February of this year, so not long! I am getting the swing of things. I recently created a database for all the office supplies we have, where we purchased them from, how much, how long they last, etc. That is very helpful for me as I purchase and distribute office supplies. Any tips for working for several bosses
  6. Hello Renee, Thank you for your message and tips! I am balancing both Office Administration and Executive Assistant roles. What tips can you share for office administration? I don't have 1 specific person I assist. I report to our CAO, but he does not need an assistant, occasionally I do projects for our President, CFO, and CEO, but again they don't need an assistant on a regular basis. A lot of my day is downtime, and because I am new to this career I am not sure of everything I should be doing. Do you have any suggestions for things you do throughout your day to help make things run sm
  7. I also love OneNote. Can you share a link to the training videos you are staring? I would love to use it more efficiently.
  8. Hey Erin, I am new at my company, however, during my first week, I was asked to set some personal/professional goals for myself. At the same time, the team I am working with was asked to set team goals. The company as a whole also has goals. We all work together to achieve the company and team goals while working individually to achieve our personal goals. They can be anything from Microsoft certifications to attending seminars, or even presenting at seminars. I find having goals is a great incentive. It is great to work for a company that pushes you to constantly better your career. If
  9. Hello, My name is Kelly. I am the Office Administrator for an Insurance company in St. Petersburg, Florida. This is a new role for me and I am excited to learn all that I can. I am very happy to have found this forum and to become a member of ASAP. I look forward to connecting with you all as I learn!
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