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  1. HI Kelly! I have previously chaired and project managed a committee like this. We called it the Service Center Excellence Committee. It was a "fun" committee, and we celebrated birthdays and service anniversaries every month. We also organized an annual Customer Service Week celebration as well as an end-of-year celebration. This was our Mission Statement and objective. MISSION STATEMENT The Service Center Excellence Committee will drive a first choice employee experience by providing value-added, meaningful opportunities to celebrate achievements in the business and support the
  2. @Peyton Ticknor@BetsyChaput - thank you for sharing these insights! Are there any best-demonstrated practices you can share that your company uses to attract top admins?
  3. @JMcCumber, I too am a Performance Review junkie! I love feedback and especially love it when it's GREAT! Does your company ask admins to participate in the performance review of other admins? Either directly or as part of a collaborative/360-degree feedback process?
  4. Thanks for the response, @khennessey! This is great. Do you have any tips or thoughts on how you align your own goals to the goals of your executive? Any tips for writing SMART goals?
  5. Thanks for being our first responder to this thread @Peyton Ticknor! What sorts of admin-specific programs does your company have that might contribute to attracting, developing, or retaining assistant talent?
  6. Performance management can be structured differently at organizations. Feedback, coaching and development, and reviews can be conducted directly by the executive or leader you support. Or, this might be done by an administrative professional you directly report to or have an informal reporting relationship with. Or, it could be done by a combination of those. What do find has worked best for you in your career and what provided the most value?
  7. Do you develop your annual performance goals on your own? Do you partner with your manager? Are they cascaded to you by an upper level of your organization? Or any combination of those? Please provide details on your process.
  8. More and more, assistants are taking on the role as leaders in our organizations. This means we have a part to play in Talent Management. What experiences do you have with being responsible for Talent Management (Attract, Develop, Motivate, Retain to increase performance) in your organization?
  9. According to Digital HR Tech, Talent Management is defined as "Attract, Develop, Motivate, and Retain employees" with the goal of increasing performance. How effective do you feel your company is at consistent Talent Management for Assistants? What best practices can you share that would benefit others?
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