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  1. Hi Jaimie nice to have you here hopefully we are going to enjoy the platform 😂
  2. Hi Dianne, Your Article is important. With Fire and Safety, all buildings especially commercial and residential buildings must have a well structured and clear Emergency Evacuation plan. But remember these evacuation plans differ depending on the building Layout. For instance, I'm working under the Integrated Facilities Management, Managing residential Skyscrapers. So we ensure that all fire panels are monitored and responded to urgently in coordination with security patrolling team. Your drafted Evacuation checklist can only be used on a one floor building. The best way of ens
  3. Understanding your executive(s) and knowing their likes and dislikes yes helps me as an administrative professional however sometimes it's so challenging. Previously I worked with the finance department and sometimes especially during month end, everyone busies working on their reports. So they could request things at ago. However, in such a scenario I could use a hierarchical approach, serving Topman first and finish with the last executive.
  4. Effective communication is fundamental to the progress of any business or activity. Failure to emphasize effective communication will not only result in projects lagging behind but also creating an undesirable working environment and hence resources wastage. That's why I ensure that all information that is required to be communicated in a clear and concise matter to my team. And this is done in two ways. That is to say; Verbally and through emails for future reference.
  5. Hi, Everyone I'm Benon from Uganda. Currently working with Transguard group, Dubai UAE, as Front Office Executive handling a lot of administrative activities. I believe that I'm on the right platform with the resourceful and experienced Administrative professionals. Our interactions in exchanging ideas will greatly impact on our individual capabilities. Wishing you, the best !!
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