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  1. Attracting qualified applicants is a struggle we face at all levels. We've been searching for several Licensed Professional Counselors for over a year, and have had very poor responses from qualified people. We've had people apply who are not licensed, or are licensed in other states, or do not have the required experience and education. The same issue confronts us at the Admin level. It's especially unfortunate at this level, because everyone thinks they can be an Admin. We have to weed through a lot of under qualified people to find the ones we want. I wish we had a best practice for hiring,
  2. Very validating article. My supervisor and I are both seasoned in our professions and we've worked together for 5 years. But this article was a good checkup to make sure we're on the right path.
  3. Aside from offering cost-free degrees from any State college in Georgia, my University offers free, online courses from SkillPort elearning. These courses each include several modules and cover all of the software in the MicroSoft suite, as well as things like Customer Service Skills, Preventing Harassment in the Workplace, Embracing Change in the Workplace, Effective Communication, etc. The challenge our HR team has is getting the staff to utilize this great resource.
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