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  1. I've asked my team to put together a list of their pros and cons during this time of isolation and working while in quarantine. Here are the major takeaways- Pros: For the introvert - working remotely is a welcome break from all of the interruptions (more focused) No commute (less stress) More face-time with family members throughout the day (better work-life balance) Video meetings keep us connected Teamwork has strengthen as everyone now gets to share the duty of answering our main phone line throughout the day and we're not juggling lunch breaks
  2. I use OneNote with my Admin team for a variety of purposes and I've found free online training classes periodically pop up and I also watch YouTube videos. We have a LinkedIn Learning account through work but I've found the free videos I've come across to be just as valuable as paid online classes.
  3. For those using a personal computer to check emails (using Outlook Web Access aka OWA), when checking emails you can give a thumbs up "like". This tells the sender that you've acknowledged and read the email without having to reply with a written confirmation. If some "likes" your email you will receive a confirmation (only in OWA).#TheMoreYouKnow
  4. Boy! Sorry that image posted SO large!
  5. @Sami Espenschied Do you have a room (kitchen, storage closet, etc) that all employees go into on a regular basis? Maybe you can post rewards and recognition there? Or would you prefer to acknowledge these employees in a public location within the library? It would easy to take a photo of an employee with a phone and create a graphic showcasing "March Employee Spotlight: Sami". "Meet Sami. She's been working with the X county library system for eight years and is your go-to person for YA books." We all have our different work love language but recognition, or lack thereof, is a huge fact
  6. @JMcCumber Have you posted any of the best practices that referred to in your post? I want to make sure I didn't miss them. Thanks.
  7. I played around with OneNote before using it for work. I watched YouTube videos and then watched this webinar - https://www.allthingsadmintraining.com/capture-organize-share-onenote-webinar/ If you plan on sharing information, be careful with sharing. Test your process first to ensure you are not sharing what you don't want to share. You can have a folder but you cannot share just a tab within that folder. You'll need to create a folder that you can share. For example, I have a folder for each direct report. I have tabs for 1:1s, performance feedback, goals, projects, accomplishment
  8. If you or your team handles incoming mail and packages and your office is now working remotely, how are you handing the incoming mail during the COVID-19 crisis? Our facilities manager is currently accepting mail / package deliveries but the Admin team is not permitted to go in to sort and distribute the mail. We're at HQ and have about 700 based out of our location. I'm concerned about getting invoices to our accounting team and making sure certified mail is delivered. I'd love to be able to go into the office, pull the invoices and scan / email them to our accounting team. We have no o
  9. What kind of changes are members resistant to?
  10. Joanne

    Meeting Minutes

    Without having to record meetings and listen back, what are your top tips for taking meeting minutes, especially if you are not too familiar with the topic and terminology? I take minutes for two meeting teams and the terminology is different for each. I've tried creating templates but it's ever changing. They are discussing projects quickly and sometimes it is difficult to know what is really important to capture for those not in attendance. TIA.
  11. We have a policy and plan in place but we haven't revisited it since we implemented a new security system. I've identified flaws in our system but this thread has pushed me to push this topic to the top of our priorities.
  12. Hi Tajwana! I work for a general contractor in Falls Church. Have you ever attended an Office Ninjas Admingling event?
  13. Thanks, Jen. These last two days have highlighted a need to focus on prioritization and time management. I'm going to spend a little time over the weekend thinking about how to phase these opportunities into measurable goals.
  14. They just hosted one in May so I don't think the next one is until the fall. You can join their Facebook group and watch them to post events in different regions.
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