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  1. Fellow Southerner! I hope you can attend the conference and join both the working in government and the Networking by Region- South- Networking events.
  2. Hi Brandilynn, what kind of help are you looking for particularly? Are you going to the conference?
  3. Our company offers all levels of Microsoft and Adobe training for Admins who are interested. Training is highly encouraged and supported by management.
  4. Hello Brooke!! Are you going to the conference this year?
  5. Anyone planning to do one of the Monday Night Out events during the Conference?
  6. We have a Group Fitness facility here at Oak Ridge National Lab and we contract with a local gym in the area to send certified fitness instructors out to teach classes as various times throughout the day, and I find that attracting and motivating people who work here.
  7. Hey! I'm Peyton Ticknor, administrative assistant at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, in beautiful East Tennessee. I look forward to connecting with you all on the new forum.
  8. Fellow Government Contractors and Employees, which the fiscal year coming to an end Sept. 30, and a new FY starting on Oct. 1, what are some ways you remain positive during budget cuts and re-allocation of funds?
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