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  1. Hi, it seems to me, that it still remains uncertain, I still hope we can go.
  2. Because it is a right thing to do. Be an example and the motivation for others., this will affect your personal growth as well. win win situation to all parties.
  3. Me! I am totally looking forward to do the Modul 1 beginning the next year. Good Luck!
  4. Dear Bree I am very sorry to hear it, that things in the new office are not well organized and not really working out for you as you are used to have before. I had a similar situation with my currant boss when I just started. He never had a PA and had no idea what exactly I am supposed to do for him. All I can say is that after 2,5 months you need to take a lead over the situation. You are a professional with experience, you KNOW what you need in order to do the work. No other department will help you, consider it as a fact, only if the order comes from your boss, ppl will start to move and provide the things you require ( Email, calendar, credit card, cell phone). Wait for a good moment when your boss is in the good mood, have a calm but strict talk to him, tell him you are there for him and you are the one who will make his work life more easier and more pleasant and stressless as you are the organizer. Tell him 1-3 examples what you are going to do and what advantage he will have by having you on his side. He does not know what you can do or cannot do so you need to tell him that in a very caring matter, so that he gets a feeling he can trust you. If all goes well, as it mostly does and he says yes lets do it, you can go to departments and ask for stuff you need ASAP. They will make "faces" but you just ignore and say, BOSS SAID SO! Good luck! Karina Kovalova Metalloinvest Trading AG Switzerland
  5. So happy to fly over for like 10 hours in order to be able to participate! Very, super excited!
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