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  1. Hi there... my name is Janice and I work in Germantown, TN. Sr. Exec Assistant to the CMO, COO and President. I have a question regarding the PACE exam. I took my first try at it over the weekend and unfortunately I did not pass... 2 points away. My question is this... I see where my downfall was and I am going to study that content very hard.. however I am wondering if the test is the same each time you take it or if it varies... Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Hi there!! I was in the same boat when I started working at the hospital. Cardiovascular meetings used to throw me for a loop. But what I began doing and still do to this day is record but then I also familiarize myself with the terminology and read pretty much everything I can that goes over my COO's desk. It helps me to understand what they are talking about and gives me better insight as to the context. My problem is the different dialects that the physicians have. So many nationalities... I have become friends with most of the physicians and if there is something that I am not sure of
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