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  1. Hello everyone. I started studying to take the PACE exam in October 2019. I read through the study guide and listened to the lectures twice. then went through and "spot" studied where I thought I was weak. I took lots of notes and had a really good outline with page numbers. then got really tired of studying so I took the exam 3 weeks ago. I figured since I had 3 chances I could find out where I was weak and concentrate there. This is an open book test and the page numbers in my notes really came into play for me. The test was 90 minutes and I took all but about 3 minutes of time. It was a
  2. thank you very much! I have been using Open Office/Libre Office for the past 17 years and have not used MS in at least 10 years. With a younger work force, my employer is moving towards Micro Soft products, so I will need to learn it again from scratch. These tips will help a lot.
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