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Rewards & Recognition Programs

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We have a library staff of 40 employees -- about 1/2 are full-time and 1/2 are part-time employees.  We're open 7 days a week and therefore do not always see each other on a regular basis.  I'm seeking ideas for a reward and recognition programs.  We can likely get some funding from our library sponsors, but we are a public library and city department so we try to keep costs down. 

Only 20 employees actually have their own desk to call "home".  This has limited my creativity.   Ideas are greatly appreciated.

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@Sami Espenschied Do you have a room (kitchen, storage closet, etc) that all employees go into on a regular basis? Maybe you can post rewards and recognition there? Or would you prefer to acknowledge these employees in a public location within the library?

It would easy to take a photo of an employee with a phone and create a graphic showcasing "March Employee Spotlight: Sami". "Meet Sami. She's been working with the X county library system for eight years and is your go-to person for YA books."

We all have our different work love language but recognition, or lack thereof, is a huge factor for why people leave their workplace. This example is simple and doesn't cost a thing. Plus, you don't have to really think about "who should be the employee of the month?" Because, isn't there always a rock star at work and someone else who never goes above and beyond? An Employee Spotlight can highlight all employees and you can give them a pat on the back by recognizing their strengths within the blurb. 

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We have a civilian population of just over 80 employees.  We like to do something special for them every year on Administrative Asst. day.  Last year, our plans were cancelled and we had to come up with an alternative plan before the end of the budget cycle.  This year, I would like to do something for them that would be welcomed.  We have several who are introverts and do not like to  participate in any events.  Generally, I try to have a gift for each as well.  I am struggling this year to think of a gift that would be appreciated and be useful.  Anyone have any suggestions?


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