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Professional Development Plan? Mentor? Both?

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I have recently had the offer to basically turn my role into whatever I want it to be - sounds great, right?!  Except that...I DON'T KNOW where I want to grow, learn, do more.  I should've started a PDP a long time ago. 

Let's face it, I'm usually the one asking others, what do you need from me, but now the company is asking - "what do YOU want?" and the tables are turned. 

I know I'd like to create a PDP but don't I first need to know what I want? Why is this so hard for me to define?  I love my job, I love the variety of challenges, I love the people I work with.  I don't know what I'd change.  I don't know where to "stretch" next, but I'm being given the opportunity and I don't want to lose it...so now what?!

Do these questions mean that I need a mentor?  Or what other suggestions do you have?  Where did you all start with creating a PDP? 

I will be attending APC and will be looking for areas of interest and opportunity then, but I hate to wait that long to begin.

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