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Favorite efficiency-minded apps?

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Colleagues, what are some of you favorite efficiency-minded apps? Right now I'm loving FullContact for scanning, storing, & categorizing business cards and professional contacts! Also loving ScannerPro for sending notes and edits to print copy  proofs/markups, and scanning bits of documents to convert to text. 

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Guest Devin Temple

I've been using Todoist for project and task management. Think of it as a fitness tracker for your productivity. It tracks your tasks as you check them off, then shows how productive you’ve been today and this week—and if you’re improving or not.

Your workings in the app translate into a personal "Karma" score —and just like a Fitbit, you are  motivated to keep the number going.


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Guest karoline

I've been a long-time fan of AdobeScan for anything that needs scanning. It uses the camera on your phone to turn any paper document into a PDF that you can then email to anyone or save to Google Drive etc...

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I'm a big fan of Trello for project/task management. I'm a visual person. Trello lets me see everything associated with a task or project.  If you need to make notes associated with a particular tas, Trello lets you do that.  This app has been a life/sanity saver for me.

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I've been using Office Otter. It allows me to create a task just by forwarding an email, sending in a text, or clicking on a Slack message. I also like it's reminders and reporting. Granted, I work at Office Otter, but we have been working specifically with Administrative Professionals to make a productivity tool specifically for them. We believe you shouldn't have to use a product/project management software to be productive. Office Otter is built around communication tools to help keep extra effort at a minimum while still bringing and tracking all your tasks in one place.

Screen Shot 2021-01-14 at 4.43.41 PM.png

Edited by Jordan // Office Otter
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I've been using both Momentum Dash and Sortd (for Gmail) for years. Momentum keeps frequently used links easily accessible without having to hunt for them. What I really love is the ability to open a group of tabs in Google with just one click. I call this my "Core Work Group," which is comprised of the apps I use on a daily basis. Sortd is an absolute sanity saver in sorting my Gmail in a fashion similar to Trello. 

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