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Response to COVID-19 - mail / package sorting and distribution

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If you or your team handles incoming mail and packages and your office is now working remotely, how are you handing the incoming mail during the COVID-19 crisis? Our facilities manager is currently accepting mail / package deliveries but the Admin team is not permitted to go in to sort and distribute the mail. We're at HQ and have about 700 based out of our location. I'm concerned about getting invoices to our accounting team and making sure certified mail is delivered. I'd love to be able to go into the office, pull the invoices and scan / email them to our accounting team. 

We have no outgoing mail / packages during this time.

Does anyone have any solutions that are working for them? I'd like to present a solution to our leadership team that emphasizes our focus on the safety of our team members but keeps us from falling weeks behind.

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Hello!  We've been prepared to work from home for at least 3 months; maybe longer.  All of our incoming mail is being sorted by the lone administrative assistant on our floor who cannot work from home.  Anything that I need I'm having mailed to my house.  It's not ideal giving out my home address, but our building is being used to treat COVID patients (I work for a hospital.)  

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