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Pros & Cons: working in quarantine

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I've asked my team to put together a list of their pros and cons during this time of isolation and working while in quarantine.

Here are the major takeaways-


  • For the introvert - working remotely is a welcome break from all of the interruptions (more focused)
  • No commute (less stress)
  • More face-time with family members throughout the day (better work-life balance)
  • Video meetings keep us connected
  • Teamwork has strengthen as everyone now gets to share the duty of answering our main phone line throughout the day and we're not juggling lunch breaks
  • Ample time for online professional development through webinars, LinkedIn Learning, industry articles
  • Working in casual clothes
  • Full-access to our technology platforms
  • Keeping in mind that this is a temporary situation and life with resume as "normal" at some point


  • For the extrovert - the isolation and lack of face-to-face interaction
  • Technical blips
  • Lack of multiple monitors
  • Concerns about getting mail sorted and distributed (since resolved)
  • Not going out to lunch with coworkers
  • Sedentary workday with increased snacking 🙂 
  • Easy to forget to "clock-out" at the end of the day
  • For those with young children - interruptions
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As time goes on, even the cons are starting to be worked on. Technology is being modified to accommodate the new, albeit temporary, normal. Some companies are also deciding that investing in multiple monitors for works to take home is worthwhile for increased productivity. I'm interested to see what more evolves as time goes on.  At the end of this, there will be many lessons learned.

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I was able to bring my entire docking station home, and work via VPN.   Prior to the pandemic I had requested a WFH on Fridays or to work 4x10 and take Fridays off.  My boss didn't think that would work.  Now I'm 5x8 WFH or WFA (work from anywhere) and can visit with my daughter and her family at will.  When I'm at home, I dock to the station  I brought from work.  At my daughter's, I can dock to their multi-screen system.  The best of both worlds.  And my manager doesn't know where I'm at until I turn on the video. 🙂 

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I am ready to find myself back in the office on a more regular basis. Currently, my biggest struggle is virtually teaching a pre-k student while working and trying to ensure he is cognitively stimulated while I try and balance my own workload. I'm thankful for our community trying to be proactive in keeping everyone safe, but I am a little overwhelmed. I notice that it has in turn made me a much bigger advocate with Sr. Leadership  for more flexibility and leniency with staff as school starts back in our area. 

Keep your heads up my friends!

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I am just returning to the work place from retirement and look forward to the in-person interaction. There are several changes with the emphasis and wearing a face covering throughout the day.  This takes away from reading people's facial expressions which are always helpful during interaction.

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