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On-Boarding / Orientation

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On ‎5‎/‎30‎/‎2019 at 1:45 PM, Pam Hamblet said:

What is your current on-boarding/orientation process?  Any formal documents such as a schedule, mentoring guide, welcome kit, etc., are appreciated.

Our onboarding/orientation process is good but it could be better. One of the good things is that our company start new hires on Fridays so that definitely works. For my team, the hiring managing and a couple of team members take the new hire to lunch, the new hire will meet with IT support for about an hour to get setup, etc. Eventually, the new hire will be free to leave early but will be ready to dive in on that Monday. All formal documents will be provided on the next business day but depending on the hiring manager they will send them home with some reading material to get caught up on their new responsibility. We do provide a welcome kit. For the administrative side, I believe that we can do much better with "welcoming" each other into a new organization. For example, I am the new lead for our administrative team within the Potomac Region (Arlington VA) and I am working with my leadership board to create and implement a thorough but effective "Administrative Handbook" for the entire administrative team. I am responsibility/leading 90 assistants across this region and each site location may be slightly different.

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Renee,  I'd like to do something similar in my organization.  My on-boarding experience could have been better and I'm working on a manual specific to my role but feel that system wide there needs something.  In my discussions with other admin, there is nothing provided - you have to learn as you go.  

I'd like to know if you would be willing to share information on your progress.  

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Hello!  I am also interested in onboarding strategies, manuals, templates others are using.  I have recently taken a management role and we have no standard process to our onboarding currently so I'm anxious to implement this for our office.  What do you cover in the first week of onboarding?  What do you prioritize in your training structure?  Looking forward to learning more to what you all are doing!  Thank you!

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