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Remaining Positive During Budget Cuts

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I try to remember the skills that I have and that make me marketable if the worst thing happens.  However, I've been in the government for over 20 years and survived two MAJOR shutdowns I just try and stay positive and prove why they need me to stay.

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I always look to my inner strengths to avoid falling into  the trap of taking things personally and becoming negative over things of which I have very little control.  I've been in the Federal Government for over 39 years now and am close to the end of my career.  I've gone through furloughs, reassignments, realignments and Reductions in Force.  I've prided myself in always considering what value I can bring into my next position, task or role and I never give up on myself.  The most important thing to remember is that you have the resilience and the ability to get through anything if you have the right frame of mind.  Your ability to stay emotionally strong through storms is the biggest asset you have to bring to any situation. Stay strong and believe in yourself - never lose confidence in you.  

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