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Board Meeting Documents

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We are a regional commission with 28 Commissioners.  We currently prepare 3-ring binders with dividers for our meeting document package.  Some of our Commissioners will take some documents, some take all, and some take everything including the dividers - leaving us the binders.  We are looking at ways to be cost-effective and provide the Commissioners with document packages they would feel encouraged to take home after meetings (for those who attend in person).

We are not opposed to providing new binders and all inserts on a meeting-by-meeting basis (which is roughly quarterly) but I wonder if anyone else has a more creative and efficient process.


Thanks in advance!

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Did you consider electronic binders (LiveBinder)?  It allows you to create tabs and add content.  They can have it available on their device  during the meetings and all Commissioners will have a copy, even if they were unable to make it to make it to  an in person meeting.

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Hi Lisa - for our board of directors, we used to print and bind everything. This was the worst! We printed and bound everything the evening before our board and committee meetings, and without fail, there would be a change in one or two of the documents. The amount of waste this created was just insane. In 2017, we moved all of our board materials to Diligent Board Books. We can build board books, administer questionnaires, and even send Unanimous Written Consents out for signature. Diligent is very secure so board documents aren't being sent to personal or work email addresses. Of course, this is a subscription service and it can be expensive. But LiveBinder, as suggested above, and Diligent are great for boards. 

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