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Performance Management - Who Provides Feedback and Who Conducts Performance Reviews?

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Performance management can be structured differently at organizations. Feedback, coaching and development, and reviews can be conducted directly by the executive or leader you support.  Or, this might be done by an administrative professional you directly report to or have an informal reporting relationship with.  Or, it could be done by a combination of those.  

 What do find has worked best for you in your career and what provided the most value?

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@Erin Floss

Within my organization, we do reviews with our direct reports using a combination of written reporting as well as a face to face meeting. During the written portion, as Managers, we solicit written feedback from the groups/individuals our employees work with/for to ensure the feedback is well-rounded and fully established. Within this process, we are able to circle back to an individual if their review needs further fleshing out or additional questioning. Upon completing that process, the reviews are sent through our HR Dept. to provide one more check, and then to Finance to determine compensation adjustments (raise, bonus, promotion, etc.). After all of the financials have been settled, the review is then returned to the manager, and a face-to-face meeting is scheduled to discuss the performance review. Our organization values the face to face discussion so much that the performance review is not considered complete until the employee enters our HCM (Human Capital Management) system and completes the prompts signifying the date/time of their review, as well as confirming that it was done face to face.  I think the review process is so important. I personally look forward to review meetings because I thrive on feedback. How else can we move forward effectively, if we do not reflect on what we might be doing ineffectively? 

Thanks for the prompt!


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