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Considering returning to school. I have been out of the workforce for quite sometime. Before that I was an administrative assistant and an office manager.  I have been doing some research about correspondence schools that offer an associates degree or career diplomas as an administrative assistant. Also looking into the virtual assistant programs. Can anyone offer any insight? I have considered Penn Forster or Ashworth College however, I am open to others. Any advice would be appreciated. 

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Hi Jacki,


I recently completed my Associates degree at the age of 50 and it made a tremendous difference for me.  I have 30 years of business and office experience but was not able to compete due to not having the degree.  But I have now been able to secure a job making over $800 more a month than I was making before, putting me at the highest level I have ever been at.  I recommend the degree route instead of the diploma due to more companies are asking for degrees.  It shows more commitment on your part and gives you more skills to get into the work force. I would also look into small local colleges so that you are not charged out of state tuition for your classes and that way you can take some in class if you need to or online.  Also, smaller colleges have better tuition rates.  Hope this is helpful.  


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