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Payroll - PTO

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Hi All! 

I assist with completing payment charts and today my boss shared with me she wants me to start tracking PTO.  We are small practice of mental health providers and I just thought to create Excel spreadsheet.  Each provider has unique contract so PTO looks different.   I just wondered from others who have this responsibility how do you keep track of this?  What tips do you have for me?   

Thank you! 


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Hi Lindsay,

I process payroll for the contractors in our small company, but there's no PTO involved.  My initial thought is having whatever you use to track PTO be shareable. Does your company use Google Suite? A Google Sheet would be shareable with your boss. 

We're in the midst of creating workflow documentation via Process Street  so any of us can step in to accomplish another's responsibilities if needed. This is especially critical for our company, as we all work virtually. We have started using the hashtag #hitbyabus in some of our conversations on Slack regarding this. 😄   (We do work hard but have fun!)   Never know when that proverbial bus will come along, especially during these days of COVID-19. 




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