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Virtual Administrative Professional Conference Ideas

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Every year in April, to coincide with the recognized national Administrative Professionals Day, my company plans  a conference just for those that fall into an Administrative / or Support Role.  We have 179 employees that fit that criteria.  We typically have this in person at a nice venue, with a nice lunch, a speaker, and some sort of educational & fun activity. This was cancelled in 2020 for obvious reasons, but  I have been given the green light to plan this event for 2021, however, it has to be virtual.   Any ideas you would have would be greatly appreciated.  I want it to be as high class and meaningful as possible.   THOUIGHTS???  

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Hi Cindy, 

I just joined otherwise I would have replied to this earlier! My company plans elevated virtual events and would be happy to assist you with any future event needs.  We are even hosting a DIY pinterest worthy charcuterie and wine tasting event today for national Administrative Professionals Day with a company that pushed the event back a bit! 

Feel free to email me anytime at Victoria@curatedpeople.com and check us out www.curatedpeople.com 


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