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(New Member) Executive Assistant in the Making

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Hi there Everyone! 

I'm Troi. I currently work as an Admin. Assistant to a City Secretary (5+ years), and hold a second hat as the city's Marketing Specialist. I just enrolled in the PACE certification course and I'm looking forward to learning and connecting with you all.  My goal is to become an Executive Assistant, so I gladly welcome any tips, advice or wisdom from Executive Assistants on this platform.

Here are a few questions I have:

1) Is it possible to become an Executive Assistant starting out as an Administrative Assistant, or is it recommended that I work my way up to that level?

2) What role/position(s) would you recommend gaining experience, in order to become more qualified for an Executive Assistant position?

Thanks in advance for the advice. Soo glad to be here! 😃


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1) All jobs require critical thinking skills, but Executive Assistant jobs take demands to the next level. Thus, as a aspiring EA you must constantly employ critical thinking to make key decisions, communicate effectively with everyone, resolve conflicts, manage others’ emotions, and so much more. Also sign up for courses that will help anyone with a background in any career build essential critical thinking skills that will be helpful for an EA career.


2) Most executive assistant job postings prefer candidates that have at least three years of administrative experience. Experience can be obtained through a job, volunteer position or internship. So even with your current position, with the right preparations like mentioned above you can be an EA.


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