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Questions to ask during interview

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Hello fellow Admins,

In a couple of weeks, I will be interviewing for a newly created position. What I know from the first round of interviews is that the gentleman in question has never had an Executive Assistant before.

I was hoping you could share with me questions YOU would ask. How do I address things like does he know what he envisions; how hard will it be for him to let go of some of the things he used to do by himself, how he thinks a successful partnership would work, etc.

If I could pick your collective brains on what to ask and the wording (some of these questions are pretty sensitive), I would appreciate it.

Thank you.


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If this were me, I would read and re-read the job description or posting to try to identify items the manager was planning to have the (AP) Administrative Professional complete for him once a selection has been made.
Because it is a "newly created position" I would get more in depth about the manager's specific expectations.
Be clear going into this position (remember you are interviewing them, just like they are interviewing you). You want to make sure this is going to be a good long term fit.   

I would ask questions like:

1. Does the manager have enough work to to keep the AP busy? Is this a salaried position or hourly? It does make a difference.
2. If the AP runs out of daily tasking, do you have other members of your team you would like the AP to assist? Take clear notes and use them to make edits to the position description once you land the job and have accepted an offer.
3. If there is too much tasking and the AP can't complete tasking in a normal 40 hr. work week, How do you prefer this is communicated to you? Is there someone on staff now that the AP he/she should turn to for help? 
4. How does the manager plan to work around scheduling vacations, etc.? 
5.  What are the manager's office hours? Is the expectation that you work as many hours as the manager? Is their flexibility in your schedule to accommodate your manager's calendar?
6.  What is the manager's thoughts on professional development?
and so much more.....
If you want to talk more about this, send me a message and I will contact you directly. Good luck!

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