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EA and Executive Communication Style

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Striving to have an excellent rapport with my executive(s) have always been important and key throughout my administrative career. We have to begin our relationship by building a good rapport from day one because it will help define and shape your relationship...plus you are building mutual respect and trust.

What kind of communication style do you and your executive(s) have? Do you have an excellent rapport? What is working and what is not working?



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The executives I support are all in a different country so everything is done remotely. Having strong written communication skills is crucial - especially when it comes to making sure your "tone of voice" isn't misconstrued. I have also had to learn several different remote meeting formats.

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Yes, having strong communication skills is crucial...spot on....your tone of voice is very key because it can definitely misconstrued. But I think that when we are communicating via email our tone should always come across very professional and respect no matter what. For example, my executive has been on a special assignment crisscrossing the US since late February and going at least 4 to 6 weeks without seeing one another so we are having  to rely heavily on email and IM and depending on the situation we are talking late into the evening. It is the job!  

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Effective communication is fundamental to the progress of any business or activity. Failure to emphasize effective communication will not only result in projects lagging behind but also creating an undesirable working environment and hence resources wastage. That's why I ensure that all information that is required to be communicated in a clear and concise matter to my team. And this is done in two ways. That is to say; Verbally and through emails for future reference.

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Open communication and understanding my manager's leadership style are the two most important aspects of maintaining good rapport. We have built such a strong rapport through the years that  I am able to display signs of tough love by telling him, in our 1:1's, what others are too intimidated to tell him. By offering this in a personal setting it gives him time to reflect, but also go in to the next interaction/meeting with an understanding of how people are perceiving him. This is essential during organizational shifts or times of turmoil in our business. This relationship is, hands-down, the most rewarding of my career. I can visibly see the managing up and how it ultimately affects the organization.


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Effective communication enable   teamwork that allows your employees to look beyond their self-interests and focus on what is best for the team. Team-building helps to break communication barriers and enables employees to find new ways of working together. When placing employees in teams, look at their skills and abilities and assign responsibilities accordingly. Improve communications by planning team activities outside of work, such as group lunches or after-work events. Invite all of your employees instead of only a select few.

That's how effective my executive(s) are in communication.

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