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Finding a mentoring group


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Hello! Thank you for visiting the forum, and for posting a great question!

I am currently being mentored by a colleague (RB), who has moved his way up the corporate ladder within our organization. He is highly respected and known for his excellent outlook for the employees, and wonderful facilitation skills. We have worked together for several years, and while he is my senior by a few years, we had established a great friendship through the time we've worked together.  Upon my boss (TS) finding out that I was attending school to establish my Master's in Communication, he suggested I determine a mentor and actually mentioned that RB was on a very impressive path and could provide some excellent guidance.  I was very flattered to be associated with his path progression, and being that we are very similar, he was equally as  flattered that I was so excited to learn from him. Having  established  mutual respect for each other makes it easier for us to be open and honest. Conversation comes easily, and he challenges me often,  specifically in moments of self-doubt. It has been a wonderful relationship that I plan to continue building upon, regardless of where our lives, professional or otherwise, take us. 

Thanks again for asking!


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