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Team Building Activities

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Hi all, 

We have a team of 20 (office admins/communications/graphics/marketing) and each month one person takes the lead in hosting a team-building activity. I'm hosting next month and I'm fresh out of original ideas. We participate in activities internally and have a $5pp budget - which typically covers the snacks. Other hosts have done trivia, board games, etc.  Any other low-cost ideas? I was thinking of a wine and cheese tasting but I don't know that this would fill the 1.5-hour slot. Any other ideas?




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We do a version of the Olympics that we call Library Olympics. We come up with questions and activities mostly involving books and library topics that each team must accomplish and whichever team does it in the fastest time wins a prize, nothing expensive and it would fall into your $5 per person budget. You could customize it to your company and employees.

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Hi Joanne,

First, I love the idea of doing a monthly teambuilding!  I would love to suggest this for our office.  Do you do it during work hours or after hours? Is it typically done in the office?

Have you thought about doing charitable activities? Here's a few I thought of...

  • building a bike to donate to a child
  • Building & painting a toy box to donate to a habitat for humanity home
  • Writing/making cards for military
  • Perhaps in conjunction with a military care package of donated items
  • Decorate book marks to donate to the local  library or literacy center
  • A game of poker using the $5/person where the stakes are a donated to the winners favorite charity
  • Plant a small vegetable or flower box to donate to a local classroom
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