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Hi and PACE Question


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Hi there... my name is Janice and I work in Germantown, TN.  Sr. Exec Assistant to the CMO, COO and President.  I have a question regarding the PACE exam. I took my first try at it over the weekend and unfortunately I did not pass... 2 points away.  My question is this... I see where my downfall was and I am going to study that content very hard.. however I am wondering if the test is the same each time you take it or if it varies...  Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

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HI Janice, I don't know the answer to your question, but I have one of my own.  I was under the assumption you were allowed to take the test "open book".. which I was hoping for.  I have read the enter PACE manual and I have also taken the practice quizzes.  I am also taking the class in New Orleans, but because it is 100 questions and I don't know what specific material they will cover, I was hoping to be able to use my PACE guide and  find any information that I don't recall.  Do you (or anyone else) know how this works?

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Heidi - I passed the PACE in Sept of 2018.  I have attended the EA Summit in both 2018 and 2019.  I think that qualifies for enough CE hours for re certification but I don't know what website to go to check.  How do I get credit for attending the EA Summit both years?  I am very confused and could use some guidance. Thanks!  

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