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What does Office Management mean to you?

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If you attended APC 2019 and made your way to one of the Best Practices - Office Management  discussions, you heard me refer to myself as the Olivia Pope of office management; a fixer extraordinaire.  As office managers, our roles are endless and boundaries are non-existent until you create them. When an engineer comes to work every day they know they are going to be designing a process , when a car salesman gets in to the office everyday they know they will be selling a car. When an office manager gets to the office they are going to make sure the coffee is hot, the conference room is prepped for the morning meeting, ensure all areas are staffed properly, and probably help the engineer connect with the salesman to discuss buying a new car. A study done by Snack Nation in 2018 found that being flexible and adaptable was the #1 skill necessary to operate as an effective office manager.  Do you find this to be true? If not, what skill sits in your #1 spot?

Through the 2 sessions at APC 2019, 50 attendees and myself discussed some struggles we all have in our offices and worked together to generate some best practices. Throughout the next few days, I will be posting several of the best practices generated during those sessions. Please feel free to address each post with additional suggestions and feedback. 


Jacque McCumber

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